10 Best Food and Drinks to Cleanse Your Body

Food and Drinks
Food and Drinks to make you feel wonderful—inside and out!


If you recall from my previous article (or learned from somewhere else) about how toxins come into and accumulate in our bodies, it’s easy to follow that the best and most logical way to flush them out is to let in food and drinks that would push them out. By amping up your organs with a little bit of help, they’ll be able to do extra on their jobs!

Also, there are lots of food and drinks that have the ability to bind up those overstaying stuff in your body and get flushed out together. Usually, these are high-fiber foods that don’t need much work and those that help your body to slow the flood so that the body can rest, recuperate, and repair itself. This the idea behind an Ayurvedic cleanse! When the deluge of inputs slows, your body can take advantage of the lull to do some very deep cleaning.


So try these and feel wonderful—inside and out!

  1. Fresh fruits: Fresh fruits are low in calories but high in fiber but also in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Especially avocados, pomegranate, berries, apples, and grapefruit! If you’re after brighter eyes and skin, shinier hair, and improved digestion, try boosting your intake of fruit and eating from a wide variety of different kinds.

  2. Cabbage: Cabbage soup diets have been a craze for celebs! Many of them would crash into such before an event for its weight-losing benefits. That may not be all healthy—crashing, really? But, that aside, cabbage is excellent detoxifying food. Like most cruciferous vegetables (including broccoli and sprouts), cabbage contains a toxin-fighting chemical called sulforaphane. Cabbage is also a good natural source of glutathione—an antioxidant that helps improve the detoxifying function of the liver.

  3. Garlic: This natural antibiotic is superb in helping your body cleanse harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites, and viruses. It also assists with cleansing the respiratory tract by expelling mucous build-up in the lungs and sinuses. But remember to go for fresh garlic, not the powdered ones!

  4. Beets: They are an amazing blood purifier and liver cleanser. It contains a type of antioxidant called betalains. This helps repair and regenerate the cells of your primary detox center—the liver!
    Food and Drinks
  5. Watercress: It has natural diuretic properties, which help to flush toxins out of the body. Also, watercress leaves are packed with lots of detoxifying nutrients.

  6. Legumes: Eating cooked beans gets you loaded with fiber! As we’ve said earlier, fiber is your best buddy in giving your gut a little bit of rest while the other organs are deeply cleaning. Plus, it helps lower cholesterol, cleanses the intestines, and regulates blood sugar levels.

  7. Turmeric: Curcumin, a compound derived from turmeric, is a powerful anti-inflammatory fix for the liver. So when your liver is working at its best, cleansing is up to speed. Research also shows that curcumin significantly reduces bile duct blockage which we know is a role performer in the whole digestion and detox show!

  8. Oats: Who would ever forget—oats! We’re fed oats back when we’re still little because it is so easy on the tummy. Oats are rich in gut-friendly fiber, plus it’s so versatile that they can go with a lot of other detox-friendly add-ons like fruits, nuts, cocoa powder, and more.

  9. Green tea: Of course, the drink! No detox plan would be complete without the essential liquids. They’re your tool to literally flush out the toxins from the body. Drinking green tea is a must for its diuretic and antioxidant components.

  10. Lemons: This citrus fruit has an alkaline effect on the body that helps restore the body’s pH balance. And as we know, it is super-packed with Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and protects the body’s cells from being damaged. Lemon water is almost a staple to all detox and cleanses.

Because when life gave you lemons, use it to your advantage and make lemonade!

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