Ayurvedic Cleanse: Shifts your mind and body into ease

Ayurvedic cleanse is the balancing of the digestive system by eating a so-called mono-diet that helps to flush out toxins on all levels. When done at the right time it goes quite fast as the outer nature (shift in weather) is helping shift your body

It’s getting cold again. And 2020 is about to approach its last quarter just like that! Time really flies! Even if a lot of us might have actually spent the past months just watching the days, weeks and months go by.

But hey, that’s fine. I remember one of my conversations with my husband; we talked about the invaluable lessons this overwhelming series of uncertainty (at least in recent decades) has taught us. Indeed, it provided a breathing space for our dear ecosystem and for every single life form in it, including us human beings. For sure, everyone has a story to share of inner journeying during this time of limited outer travel (literally!).

But there’s absolutely one thing that you can’t just watch pass by even if things are at a slow down: YOUR HEALTH.

We might all be unassumingly watching the days but we gotta be ready for the approaching cold and change of weather. And one superbly easy and effective way to ready up your body (and mind, too) is to do an Ayurvedic cleanse.

But first things first: … is not fast.

Surprised? You heard that right! Not at all and maybe not necessarily.

Ayurvedic Cleanse


This is exactly the reason why we do it at the junctures of the year when the weather turns cooler or cold and warm or hot. It gives our bodies a chance to release whatever’s stored up throughout the summer or the winter.

By eating simplified food all the time throughout the cleanse, it becomes a time to remove yourself from the outer environment. It becomes a time to recharge, digest, and process whatever’s coming up for you.

I found a good analogy to explain this further:

Have you ever observed a fireplace? What happens if you put old oils with residues of pollution into the fire? The flames go high, burn quickly, and leave a stink.

This is the same for your body. Fire is associated with digestion (transforming and burning foods). If your inner fire rises with the outer heat (like increases like) you are likely to burn through old foods and residues of undigested things from winter.

However, if you lighten the load, by decreasing your (food) input, you will assist your body in doing what it wants to do anyways – clean up the house.

Our bodies in their natural state have the most amazing depth of wisdom in healing. And that wisdom gets more enhanced when we give it the right space to mend itself. That’s what cleansers do.

Once our bodies AND minds (don’t forget it’s a combo!) are aligned with its natural inner rhythm and workings, we get the best fighting chance against naturally-occurring health troubles. That means we don’t actually have to go through the hassle of getting caught up with the seasonal flu and colds, allergies, upsets, among many others. An Ayurvedic cleanse makes sure you don’t wait-and-see how your body’s gonna put up with the season’s challenges.

So, are your systems and channels ready? Connect on Free Healthy Habit Session with me if you need and want help!