Ayurvedic Tips | Tummyache

Especially on holidays, we try and mix new foods we don't particularly know. Such a joy to get to know a new place through its tastes in meals and desserts but sometimes we end up bloated or with a bellyache. In this video, I give some easy advise on what to do when your belly is not feeling its best.

Ayurvedic Tips | Sunburn

Sun is shining! We all love it. And sometimes maybe a little too much. How to approach sunlight and especially what can you do when your skin has had a little too much of it? Check out my latest video on how to prevent and treat your sunburn effectively with the help of Aryurveda.

Ayurvedic Tips | Bumps and Bruises

In case you accidentally bump your heads when you meet your friends overjoyed in the park, or you hit your naked shin against the pedal of your bicycle; my latest video "Bumps and Bruises from an Ayurvedic perspective."