Cecilia Mueller Stahl – Manifesting Pleasure and Desires


Today’s episode with Cecilia Mueller Stahl is truly an eye-opener. Cecilia, an artist who is also in the coaching space, breaks myths and takes us to the frequently misunderstood yet critical topic of pleasure and desire.

Her journey to the craft that she shares with people now– soul manifestation, which manifests the things from deep down one’s self– was a brave and empowering one. Her discovery of this space and methods will surely shake up connotations. They will lead us to a full new understanding and appreciation of ourselves, including our desires and the things we take pleasure from.

To Cecilia, pleasure is an integral part of manifestation. It is the energy and vibration that attracts the components of our manifestation. Thus, her platform is about being the pleasure priestess as the core of her work, and being the manifestation queen as the outcome.
Pleasure has many connotations. You have to work hard to achieve it.

It was a long journey for Cecilia. But learning along the way and being able to impart these to people in her work now is a part of what she has always desired. She has been on stage as a successful actress, but somehow. She felt like hiding and that something’s missing. That’s when she went to bodywork and felt more present. She found her presence in ayahuasca, tantra, and quantum healing.

This conversation talks about empowerment and, in itself, is empowering. Cecilia takes us to a clearer sense of trusting and taking responsibility for the healing paths we choose. And this goes along her principle of trusting the desire and allowing the self to go for it. Cecilia reminds us: be it for choosing a healing path or small day-to-day decisions, it should be about ‘interrupting the pattern of “I have to” and enjoying life the right way!

PS: LSD and Ayahuasca were mentions as similar tools of shifting consciousness in this podcast. Although both act as agents to liberate constricted thought patterns they differ immensely in their healing opportunities. Ayahuasca mostly is used to mirror the self and connect to the deeper essence within. While LSD and Mushrooms are agents that help download information.

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Podcast Highlights

  • To me, pleasure may not be 100% the opposite of hard work. Because sometimes even hard work can be pleasurable. It’s about trusting that life has your back and that you have to enjoy being here. It excludes the “I have to” attitude. – Cecilia Muller Stahl
  • People have to get used to two things: (1) sex is not dirty, and (2) Pleasure is not always about sex. Yes, it’s delicate. But it’s a calling. Part of my mission is to empower people to trust that their pleasure can go into any direction, that it’s not dirty and not good when they feel their sexual desires. – Cecilia Muller Stahl
  • Ayahuasca is an herbal shamanic medicine from the Amazon used to open up the consciousness and connect to the greater good of ourselves. In Western societies, it was used to have the same effect of LSD but more wisely as it opens up the brain waves and its connections, opening up the gateway to our microcosm-macrocosm connection – Alexandra Kreis
  • Going for your desires is not about being selfish. It sets us free from toxic codependency, toxic self-doubt and low self-worth. Desire teaches us to love ourselves to get what we desire. – Cecilia Muller Stahl
  • It’s tough if you don’t have that grain of trust into your intuition and methods to distinct which is for me and which is not. We can easily fall into the trap that we feel that there is an abuse of power that can come with these healing methods. People may feel disconnected from the healing paths they went into suddenly. – Alexandra Kreis


Guest BIO

Cecilia is a manifestation coach and actress living in Berlin. She’s working on feminine empowerment, calls herself Manifestation Queen on Instagram coming from being a priestess of pleasure. Pleasure through Body Work: Expanding pleasure in the body allows us to let all of what we are incarnate into this being. Body and spirit do this together through pleasure.



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