Freedom to Unwind


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I just slept in this morning.

Now, I know that sounds non-revolutionary… but for me, this is a HUGE THING — my whole life I’ve been as restless as an ant — a person that doesn’t like to wait and sit for things to resolve. I  always have been busy, moving around, doing something, but not because I have infinite energy… but because I’ve always felt some shame about stillness and resting.

For me, there was guilt in resting — the feeling of letting others down.

Are you experiencing the same feeling?

I’m trying to create more boundaries with myself… when I turn “off” work and stop answering emails. When I sit and read or play a game of cards rather than getting back to hundreds of chores. When I take a rest day instead of pushing through a workout that makes no difference in the grand scheme of life.

Have you tried to create boundaries yourself?

I must admit some of me likes the sense of routine, however, I try to challenge this sense and put more discipline in my life. It’s easier these days to get lost in a routine than having a self-empowering discipline.

(A good teacher once asked me: Are you disciplined enough to be free?)

We all have certain habits – like brushing our teeth, eating certain things at certain times. And some of them are good as gold and others might belong to the category of helpful but rather bad – ie. eating a bagel on the go. Taking no time to digest your lunch, or having no lunch so you can have dinner with your family.

My day to day habits gives me a sense of routine.

Of freeing up the energy to stop the constant decision making. My freedom does not exist in choosing every day how I please to be and how I work but in knowing I have a frame to my day. And within that frame, I make the real decisions that create more freedom like how I want to show up for other people.

And you might be nodding your head now.. you know what I mean — those small rituals that give you intrinsic satisfaction and balance like knowing that you always start your day with a small work-out or yoga session.

And that freedom is dear to me.

So recently I sharpened the pencil on my daily routines to align them further with nature. Or as the modern scientist says  – to align me with the circadian rhythm.

If you think sleeping 7-8 hour does the trick (because you are getting enough sleep) I would question you: But are you sleeping at the right time of the daily cycle?

But coming back to today – today I chose to align with easeful living and so I took a day off in the middle of the week because I wanted to create space to celebrate – to celebrate my wins, my achievements, which I barely do, as I was pointing out already. Because my middle name is the doer.

Instead of building up immediately on my successes I allowed myself to look at them like seeing a rose in bloom. Enjoying the scent. Letting go, stopping, breathing and unwinding. Enjoying to go for a long walk with no sense of time.  

The new adventure for me is in the pursuit of unwinding and adding ease to my freedom. I feel it sharpening me, preparing me better for the times I want to go, and do.

Do you struggle with this too?

How do you deal with the constant doer in you?

And if you feel like you want to try to unwind just meet me for a free ayurvedic consultation, that will give you some ideas!



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