Ilyse Soutine – Befriending the subconscious


We could all agree that change, for us to be successful, has to happen not just in one area but also in our minds, bodies, and spirits. And that these three must work in synchrony, in alignment with each other. Fortunately, this is what we’re learning from today’s guest.

Meet Ilyse Soutine. A subconscious transformation coach, creator of her method called the Subconscious Shift method.

Ilyse has been on the transformational journey for about 30 years. She has been exposed to many modalities but has put the best combination of these into her methodology by reaping the lesson from her own life experience.

Having suffered from extreme depression and anxiety, a lot of violence, severe trauma from childhood, running away as a teenager, and having a hard time as an adult, Ilyse’s journey to healing and helping others to heal is truly inspiring.

Her life experience is living proof of research-backed discussions around how meditation physiologically changes the brain to make logical and sound decisions. When she found her connection to transcendental meditation and tried its consistent practice, she noticed how it helped her end the panic attacks and make better decisions and not from a place of fear, scarcity, and survival. She then came across the subconscious mind, which is now at the core of her practice and methodology.

Through the ups and downs, twists, and turns along Ilyse’s journey, she finally found her gift: to coach and help people heal. Her practice, which is devoted to the subconscious, helps people remove blocks in their subconscious to meet and be aligned with their conscious minds. She now works with entrepreneurs and coaches with programs to release what holds them back, so they become authentically aligned with what they were born to contribute to this world.

In this podcast, we are lucky to have Ilyse share lessons that come from a profound, unique place of her being and how she continues to heal and unfold the vast wisdom and knowledge from the rollercoaster ride that was her life.


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Podcast Highlights

  • When you’re in trauma, you are living from the survival part of the brain. You don’t make good decisions. But with meditation, which I learned from Gabriel Bernstein, my mind was opened up to the idea that I have a choice with which to perceive my life. – Ilyse Soutine
  • With meditation, we begin to uncover the truth of who we are that we have become so divorced from living this life. The truth that we are inherently whole, complete, and healed. When we are still, like in the practice of meditation, yoga, or just by being close to nature, we begin to become close to that truth again. – Ilyse Soutine
  • We all need each other to heal. We can’t see our blind spots. We can’t go really deep within ourselves without someone holding space for us. We’re meant to help each other heal. And I’ve learned that the hard way. – Ilyse Soutine
  • Healers and coaches are not perfect human beings. We are also continuing on our healing journey. It never stops. And that’s the beauty of it– the constant unfolding of the wisdom, strength, and knowledge. – Ilyse Soutine
  • It is not only a matter of shifting the mindset. It’s really about transforming the subconscious identity. We can’t shift our life with just reframing things. We have to go deeper and recreate and reprogram a new identity for ourselves that is in alignment. – Ilyse Soutine


Guest BIO

Ilyse Soutine is a subconscious transformation coach and creator of her method called the Subconscious Shift method. She is also a certified hypnotherapist. She helps entrepreneurs and others become happier, more plugged into their intuition, and have a stronger sense of themselves and what they’re here to do. She does this through various programs such as the Subconscious Shift Call, Hypnosis Recreated for Anxiety, among others.


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