Sabina Rademacher – Normalizing Conversations about Love and Sexuality


Sexuality and Love go hand in hand.

Love is the physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual, or social affection one person holds for another. Intimacy is achieved when we become close to someone else and are reassured that we are loved and accepted for who we are.

Children usually develop intimacy with parents and peers. As adults, we seek intimacy in close relationships with other adults, friends, family, and with a partner. Intimacy is a close relationship where mutual acceptance, nurturance, and trust are shared at some level.

In this podcast, Sabina Rademacher and Alexandra Kreis talk about love and intimacy.

Sabina Rademacher is a Love and Relationship Coach based in Germany. And here, she shares how passionate she was about her work and coaching other people. Her coaching focuses on all aspects of love, such as self-love, relationships, separation, and breakups.

Sabina loves to talk to young people and open their feelings about love and intimacy. She wants to raise awareness on the necessary conversations about sexuality between parents and their children. And to establish deep trust, openness, and vulnerability between parents and their offspring. Through this podcast, she also discusses feminism, masculinity, authentic feelings, and parents’ role to their children about what love and sexuality are or can be.

When you encourage conversations about feelings, friendships, and family relationships, it can help your child feel confident to talk about teenage relationships in general. If your child knows what respectful relationships look like in general, they can relate this directly to romantic relationships.

Conversations like this hope to make your child feel more comfortable sharing feelings with parents even as they start to get romantically interested in others. And there’s a lot more direction than this can go: treating other people kindly, breaking up kindly, and respecting other people’s boundaries.

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Podcast Highlights

  • 2:37-6:31-  Passion on work
  • 9:50-12:10- Love and intimacy
  • 15:06-19:41- Feminism and Intimacy
  • 21:19-24:59  – Authentic feeling
  • 29:02-31:22 – Feminism and  Masculinity
  • 31:27-35:41 – Intimacy among Young people
  • 35:51-39:45- Parents’ Role
  • 42:34-43:04 – Last words of about Love and Intimacy

Pocket Quotes

  • “We don’t make peace on this earth until we make peace among the gender.” – Sabina Rademacher 
  • Love is never a demand. Love is a gift; it’s a state of being, and it starts with myself. So if I don’t love myself, nobody can ever love me.” – Sabina Rademacher 
  • “Love and intimacy and sexuality is still such a taboo.” – Sabina Rademacher
  • “True feminism is a gentle power; it’s not copying the masculine.” – Sabina Rademacher 
  • “Step back into your child because that child will always guide you with authenticity.” –  Sabina Rademacher

Guest Bio

Sabina Rademacher is a Love and Relationship Coach. She speaks different languages such as German, English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Portuguese. A mother of two beautiful grown-ups and adopted an Indian child. She loves spending as much time as possible in nature, and with yoga and dancing.  Her coaching focuses on all aspects of love, such as self love, relationships, separation and break ups.

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