Group – What have done for me?

[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px”][vc_column_text]I worked as a social worker in my 20s. My friend Ulrike was rather shy in groups. She was often amazed by the ease that allowed me to step in front of people in meetings and training.

I didn’t see the realness of her fears, that could hold such a wonderful woman back so easily from expressing herself and her many talents. While for me, I was ignited instantly in the group using the synergetic energies. I felt transformed.

But for her to speak in front of us was torture, and every meeting was a boot-camp to work her fears. She was determined to overcome her panic to stutter, to be laughed at, to blush, and so she continued to come to the group gatherings. At one point I began to wonder just why she would even do that to herself? It appeared so exhausting to me. But I guess it is the same as someone «less flexible» deciding to go to Yoga classes.

You don’t expect to become the best, you just expect to do something about being rather inflexible. And you go where they know how to flex.

I was part of different groups in my life. In my teens I was integrated in the girl scouts for many years, I joined the Yoga School in Berlin Mitte, where I found many lovely friends, and I have recently joined a more global group setting on the internet, where Yogahealth Coaches are gathering to exchange their experience and support each other.

And in between, there have been times when I found myself without a group, without a community without support to get me sparked and engaged, to be transformed. For a while I can enjoy that space, I rejoice in the loneliness until I touch that feeling of sweet longing. A longing for connection rising inside of me.

Did you know the weight on your bones triples when you shift your stance from two-legged to one-legged? Triple the weight! Not double. It is an amazing experience when you hold your one-legged posture stable. You feel power and concentration, accuracy in the distribution of tension, contraction, and extension.

Being alone has its moments and they deserve to be experienced. But earlier or later I start missing the other leg which allows me to move, to balance the weight within the movement, lighten my stance, lighten myself. And in the end, it is just more natural to stand on both legs, weighing the load of the body evenly, back and forth, left to right, left, right. That’s what I feel a community is. Each one is allowed and free to be themselves entirely and another part is the community. It’s the human nature to connect, we are essentially one part community and one part individuality.

In the community, where each one can find the hold to stand on both legs, we expand our ability to our own weight, our brains get stimulated and build new pathways. A unified field opens that makes learning and integration accessible and more profound. But we also find support and help to stabilize in the one-legged postures.

That force is what calls me to grow into this, to spend my life with like-minded beings, a tribe, a support system. And for this, I want to provide the space for all of us, which we continue to create and maintain every day through practice and dedication small and big scale. I put my foot on the path, one after the other, moving forward on both legs. Honoring each of them but knowing that only the full package, both sides together, make my legs the instrument to move forward.

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