Hairdressing – Faye Blake

There are things that people do not usually talk about but are common and natural to us. Most of the time these are signals or signs from our bodies trying to communicate with us. In this episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey, Faye Blake shares her journey of finding her inner self and how her personal experiences, including hairdressing, help her help other people in finding their inner selves.

As a herbalist hairdresser and Ayurvedic coach, Faye believes that the key to living a sustainable life is to listen to the signals that our bodies tell us and not wait for the extremes. She explains that this is her way even in hairdressing, wherein she lets hair take its form and express itself. She learned this the hard way when she started hairdressing in a more traditional hair salon wherein they were expected to conform to a certain mold and have a specific image. When she tried conforming, she felt drained and coped through unhealthy addictions like smoking and alcohol.

This is when Faye realized that people tend to not actively try and make a difference unless something extreme happened and forced them to do it. After quitting the salon, she found herself working with naturopathic nutritionists. Shortly afterward she understood that what she want to do is to empower people through listening to our body’s wisdom and intuitive nature.
Self-empowerment for her is living intuitively through listening to the elements and energies in our bodies and not looking for answers externally. It is trusting yourself and being to speak from a place within and trusting that your voice is valid.

People who work in hairdressing, like Faye, have a gift of connecting and listening to people and reflecting with them and making them feel good about themselves. They are also a reminder that we cannot do everything alone, on our own. They help us nurture ourselves by listening to what our bodies are telling us and loving the parts that we take for granted. By mirroring us, they teach us how to live intuitively and love ourselves more.


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Pocket Quotes

  • “I want to sit at a hairdresser because it’s about me, my own self-care, and about somebody who wants to talk about my hair and treat it like a part of me that needs the love and affection.” – Alexandra Kreis
  • “When they [hairdressers] are puffing it up, it’s almost like asking your hair what it wants to do. I see this a lot in the body. Our emotional body and physical body is always talking. How do we a gain a conversation with it? It’s by going through this more intuitive way of living. With hairdressing it’s the same. What’s going on within there, what does it actually wanna do, how does it wanna express. It’s free expression, it’s us, it’s an extension of us and we’re not molding it and shaping it to fit in like we do to the rest of our body in life to be in a box or how it should look. It’s a real process of freedom and living in alignment of how naturally it wants to be, in alignment with nature.” – Faye Blake
  • “For women, we tend to put a lot of other people that we care about way before ourselves. From that place they can really burn out or really go to depletion and fatigue, and total disconnect from ourselves and our path and how we truly want to live.” – Faye Blake
  • “I believe Ayurveda does that with the elements and the energies and how you get to see them within your own body. That to me is your body’s intuitive nature, and your body’s wisdom talking, that’s your body’s voice.” – Faye Blake
  • “Intuitive is self-trust, self-trusting what comes within and being able to speak from that place and not just looking externally for answers. It’s a way of trusting self, trusting my own voice, and knowing that it’s valid.” – Faye Blake

Guest Bio

Faye Blake is a naturopathic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, and Ayurvedic health coach. She helps create deeply sustainable self-energy, to help people make a difference in the world without depleting and spiraling around into self-sabotaging behaviors. She promotes living intuitively through listening to what our bodies tell us. Faye loves to surround herself with a community working on their inner selves and freeing themselves from their past to create a loving and purposeful life. She is also a herbalist hairdresser at Tame the Mane Salon in Bristol, a salon that offers alternative natural hair services and products. Faye encourages people to equally nourish both their minds and bodies in a sustainable way.

Benjamin Joon – Building Consciousness from Experience and Learning

Wisdom is knowing what’s worth understanding, understanding the value of ideas, and always placing knowing in the context of not knowing–seeing the limits of knowledge and our understanding.

From the wisdom of our deep consciousness, we can understand what is needed to experience deep happiness. We can learn to free ourselves from unwholesome thoughts, to sense our bodies, and to feel our emotions mindfully. We can find ways to broaden our consciousness, to live authentically, to be free from anxiety, to be in love.

In this podcast, Benjamin Joon shares his life journey from South Korea to Germany. He shares his struggle being different from others and being an orphan, along with his good and bad experience in his childhood. Benjamin lets us into his spiritual journey through his experience and the challenges throughout his journey being a coach, a teacher, and a father.

To Benjamin, spiritual experience often produce ideal outcomes and blessings, but the most memorable ones come during unfortunate incidents.

Regardless of whether you have a religious affiliation or have no spirituality at all, it will not keep you from spiritual experience. They happen to everyone, and some of the people are attuned to them while others are not. There is no baseline as to who gets to experience them. Sometimes they are the product of something positive, although being in the darkness often results in the biggest spiritual experiences of them all.

Benjamin Joon believes that integral learning is based on four pillars: studying, practicing, serving, and playing.

Benjamin is currently a student of Bettina Romhardt / Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and Shai Tubali, and Tamar Brosh in Chakra Psychology. Benjamin is participating continuously in seminars and retreats for further education.

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Podcast Highlights

  • 2:36-4:52 – Moving Life to Germany from Korea
  • 6:46-9:37-  All Kinds of Complexes
  • 10:30 – 13:41- Spiritual Experiences
  • 27:53 – 29:35 – Faking
  • 31:03-36:07-  Challenge being a Father
  • 37:53- 39:30 – Personal Insights

Pocket Quotes

  • “Suffering is part of life which is very difficult to understand. Sometimes we ask why we suffer and shouldn’t life be beautiful.” – Alexandra Kreis
  • “There’s nothing wrong with faking if you are not only clinging to faking.” – Benjamin Joon
  • “Solution is the way of joy and that you feel motivated by your own deep joy to practice.” – Benjamin Joon
  • “Practice is for anyone, not only for monks but also for overwhelmed fathers.” – Benjamin Joon 
  • “Perfect circumstances are not the goal. It’s the way we create these circumstances in our lives.” – Benjamin Joon

Guest Bio

Benjamin was born in South Korea in 1977. He lived from 1980-1981 as an orphan in Suwon and was adopted from a German family in 1981. Benjamin moved to Berlin in 2000 and started his own business as a creative project developer, film and advertising actor, and minimal house DJ. In 2004, Benjamin began to study the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Geshe Michael Roach and Hong Thay Lee. He was co-founder of PAPPA E CICCIA (Organic Restaurant & Catering) and NEXT ORGANIC (Trade Fair for Organic and Slow Food Trends). Since 2013 Benjamin offers the integral movement training “Movement Play” and in 2015 he started with the Integral Life Coaching.

Julie Williams – Healing through Reconnecting the Constellation of Consciousness

This episode’s guest is a healer and geneticist, now living and thriving in Ireland, who took her love of science and learning to the holistic art of healing and helping people in their journey to wellness. Meet Julie Williams. 

Growing up a very sensitive child, Julie realized she had shut down all those intuitive and empathic abilities early in her life. Finding the love for science, her curiosity about how things work got her a degree in biology and genetics. Her exceptional work on clinical research and pharmaceuticals brought her up the management career ladder. 

Julie had it all. But this same fact made her more afraid, unhappy. This took her out of the corporate world and set her off on a sail—her growth process and journey—not in a big bang but a gradual, step-by-step one, deeply reconnecting to her truth each time. 

In this thoughtful conversation, our guest inspires us that it is possible to live what you dreamed of by living your truth. Through the help of mentors and teachers, who’re there to keep perspective, we are not alone in finding that truth. But the answer to the questions will always lie within ourselves and ourselves alone. 

Listeners also get a sneak peek at the family constellation work— a modality, a therapy of healing. Julie, through the various practices she explored, brings that work under the umbrella of consciousness medicine. Using the power of consciousness to heal, this work is done to release the issues and, hence, the suffering that’s constraining the flow of love within the family and the self. It focuses on clearing that suffering so we can fulfill our dharma, embrace life, and channel our energy to help our community and the world. 

To Julie, “We can’t get it wrong. It’s not unicorns and rainbows; it can get difficult but it’s okay. Living from that place of trust is what will bring so much joy and confidence to you.” 

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Podcast Highlights 

  • I began to realize that the more successful I became in the business world, it was actually not making me happy. All that success factors that people talk about—I attained all of those; it was beautiful but there’s something within me that didn’t feel fulfilled. And that’s what prompted me in this journey that eventually aligned me with my truth. And as I began internally, my external world also aligned with that. – Julie Williams 
  • We want things to change really quickly but it’s the universe that will tell us that it’s time. I did not try to think about the ‘why’, ‘how’ or ‘when’; just the ‘what’. And that’s when my life took a complete turn. – Julie Williams 
  • What helped me was aligning with my truth. I asked myself: what are my needs, what is my truth. Just because I’m good at something, I thought it’s what I was meant to do. I did it but it felt constrictive. – Julie Williams 
  • To really trust in uncertainty is one of the most difficult things to do. – Julie Williams 
  • One of the fundamental premises under family constellation work is to release the entanglement to suffering. It’s about reincluding everybody, not cutting the ties. – Julie Williams 
  • We are a matrix of bodies—physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral, and spiritual bodies. I realized that promoting lasting change needs work on all these bodies. – Julie Williams 

Guest Bio 

Julie Williams is a healer and scientist who “combines her love of science with extensive training in sacred and holistic healing arts for a powerful combination with a heart-based approach.” From California to Ireland, Julie moved from her training and career in Molecular Biology and biotechnology and clinical research to realizing her true calling as a healer in 2003. She brings her science background to ground her practice called Consciousness Medicine and certifications in complementary healing therapies such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hellinger Family Constellation Work, Shamanism, Non-Dual Tantra Yoga, Neuro-Muscular Massage, Chakra Healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Reiki. 


Richard Fuhrmann – Why We Need To Tell Our Stories

Eavesdrop on this conversation with Richard Fuhrmann about his inner journey and sharing this journey through storytelling. With so many wonderful opportunities to share and listen to people’s experiences of healing, awakening, and self-discovery, we ask: why through storytelling? 

In this podcast, Alex brings on this question (and more!). Alex navigates the conversation behind her work: making the space and sharing the limelight to people’s stories—the campfire ones that are not so alien but are so ‘us’. And Richard, a holistic consultant for entrepreneurs from Graz, Austria, and a solopreneur himself, join this by sharing the stops, bumps, and crossroads in his inner journey. 

Richard’s spark and story may not exactly be the same as in many of us. It started early for him, but not one that he’s been sure about right from the start. But as he said, ‘we are all on the same journey: from ourselves to ourselves.’ 

Along his road, Richard realized and took to his mission the importance of bringing the consciousness of compassion and love for one another to the space of business, especially the tech industry. This is founded on his principle that human beings are meant to be tribal and that it’s part of how human beings survived and evolved. And storytelling is one act of sharing and embodying the tribe! 

But as solopreneurs, how is storytelling making us visible? How is it leading people to find us? Richard’s answer is simple: People who need you will find you. And hence why our stories of awakening should be told and be brought out there. So people can stumble upon us and see what resonates with them and, eventually, find us. 

And for us who listen, always be aware that the person we follow has been through a lot. Celebrate the wisdom in their stories by not putting them up on a pedestal but by giving credit to their experiences and life stories. 

Surely, this is the podcast that explains why you should listen to one! 

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Podcast Highlights

  • We are progressing so rapidly in technology, but we, as humans, are left behind. Our emotional intelligence, compassion for each other, and our understanding of the foundations of our society are not at par with the rate technology is progressing. – Richard Fuhrmann 
  • We need more people in powerful positions to develop more compassion for other people. And this takes introspection—that we are not separate from one another in the consciousness level. This changes everything. – Richard Fuhrmann 
  • A calling is something within you that whispers of curiosity to discover and follow something. If you follow this calling, only then it starts to unfold. – Richard Fuhrmann 
  • There’s more that we can’t see with our eyes. But with sensing and feeling. It’s a whole new level of experiencing the world, other people, and your own journey. If you open to this as a question, you’ll find your answers.  – Richard Fuhrmann 
  • Many people are reluctant to own their stories in detail. It’s some form of protection to the listeners. Because sometimes when we hear stories, we come into the copycat mode, we think their way is the only way to move forward. Storytelling can be an informed conversation as well.- Alexandra Kreis 
  • 2020 is the best year to face your fears. Fear starts within. It’s not something bad per se; what’s bad is the way we treat fear. – Richard Fuhrmann 


Guest Bio

Richard Fuhrmann is from Graz, Austria. His urge to know more led him to spend time with Indian monks from the Kriya Yoga tradition and being in an Ashram near Miami for 5 weeks at the early age of 18. Richard did a lot of meditation and introspection and his journey back to himself made him learn Vortexhealing® and he spends time with an Advaita-teacher, whom he also wrote music for. He also studied classical guitar, jazz guitar, and music-therapy. Richard is engaged in a systemic coaching course in business-consultancy called “money coaching“ since 2013 and worked with different entrepreneurs who were interested in meditation and who wanted to know more about themselves.