Making The Best Out of Your Every Day With Vedic Astrology

For thousands of years, humankind has been looking at the cosmos as a guide to our daily lives, internal and external relationships. Ancient and modern, western or eastern, there are a plethora of systems on astrology that people subscribe to in order to understand themselves and the world around them. In this episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey, we will look at Vedic Astrology and how embodying its principles can improve the way we see things and live our lives. Kathleen Whalen, the founder of Conscious Calendars, shares with us how she and her clients are guided by Vedic Astrology in their day-to-day experiences.

Kathleen starts by explaining that Vedic Astrology, which originated in India, is different from Western Astrology which is more recognizable and currently more popular in mainstream culture. It is the ancient understanding of the cosmos, rhythms of the sun and moon, and natural rhythms of people. These living tones give us indications on how to live a balanced life as an individual in a spiritual path and among people.

Kathleen recognizes that there are people who are adamant in believing in such systems, thinking that astrology will dictate or interfere with their lives and decision-making. For her, Vedic Astrology offers a different perspective on a situation that one is experiencing, still in a space where people can operate based on their personal choices. She elaborated that for example, the colors in the Vedic calendar can be implicit in ways that will teach individuals to look beyond and deeper than what’s on the surface to be able to truly appreciate their experiences. The practice of being aware, being present, and connecting with oneself is at the heart of being human.

There are days when the actions one may take have a greater impact in the future, so taking positive steps not only for oneself but for people around them is important as well. Kathleen says that in green days, the most positive of days, sometimes you are the ones giving answers, the ones giving help to somebody, by spreading kindness.


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  • It allows a perspective, and it’s not about imprinting anything. It’ to allow us more space in our day to almost shift our perspective and be able to have more resilience. And if a green day wasn’t the perfect day, it’s all the more reason to look back and say “where were the silver linings?” because there really are some secret gifts that came on the green days. – Kathleen Whalen
  • Present in being is a method of becoming more aware and more grateful and more in the moment. – Alexandra Kreis
  • The Golden Hour is the time of day when we can create ourselves and re-recreate ourselves. – Kathleen Whalen
  • The actions we take on a green day have a greater karmic fruit at some point in the future. – Kathleen Whalen
  • Most people who are disappointed are passive people. They are like “oh the green day wasn’t that perfect” and I’m like, what did you do on a green day? Did you spread kindness more? Were you someone else’s answer? We can receive answers on green days too. Sometimes we’re the ones giving someone else help.  – Kathleen Whalen

Guest Bio

AstrologyKathleen Whalen provides solutions and guides professionals and individuals working in stressful environments to improve their mental health and well-being by employing Vedic Astrology and Chinese Medicine. She has a background in allopathic medicine, lab research in immunity and neuroscience, and has degrees in Biochemistry and Chinese Medicine. She is the founder and creator of Conscious Calendars and has been serving the international community with its products since 2006. Through her work and consulting tools, she has helped thousands of individuals and companies see opportunities ahead of time to succeed. Kathleen is currently residing in the United States.