Steffo Shambo – Tantra Yoga for Men

Tantra is the practice of being in a full relationship with life, a living connection with what is opening yourself, your senses, awareness, and emotions to the present moment, and experiencing reality from that place of openness. It creates an active merging of body and spirit. 


Many people tend to associate Tantra with the awakening of the senses and connection. Sometimes, even with an unbridled lust for life and sexuality.


Some practitioners say that Tantric practices are more of a strategy that helps quiet the mind and soul and helps activate sexual energy in an individual. It helps instill a better sense of wellbeing and higher states of consciousness, igniting the overall mind, body, and soul of an individual.


In this podcast, Steffo Shambo, a men’s relationship coach, talks about tantra yoga for men. He is the founder of Tantric Academy. He helps empower men to realize and tap into their full masculine confidence, intimate power, and their ability to connect with themselves and their partners on a deeper level than ever before.


Men have challenges, too. Sometimes, it is even harder to navigate because of societal stereotypes. Historical roots of movements for women empowerment have gained momentum and advances and paved for general acceptance of personal development concepts. But it men, it’s another story.


Steffo, through his work in Tantric Academy, and in this episode, gives advice and tips for men on how to reflect within and be better partners in their relationships in a Tantric way.


He’s also in for some eye-opening conversation about men’s challenges and some ways to address that. Don’t miss this out on Outer Travel, Inner Journey!

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Podcast Highlights

  • 4:26- 5:28 – Classical Tantra
  • 9:31-11:04 – Men and Women’s Awareness
  • 12:13-16:52 – Transformation
  • 20:23-21:57 – Dark Night of the Soul
  • 22:46-24:04 – Coaching Journey
  • 29:40 -31:27 – Transmissions
  • 32:55-34:27- Modernization
  • 37:14-38:48 – Gift of Words

Pocket Quotes

  • “Masculine and feminine can meet in a place of healing and equality. That’s really what the planet needs right now and what helps to bring the world to a better place.” – Steffo Shambo
  • “I had my own challenges, journey and suffering that helped me let go out in the world to seek answers and transform myself.” – Steffo Shambo
  • “My purpose is to help one man at a time to become integrated and whole again.” – Steffo Shambo
  • “For me what’s most important for my clients is not the format, it is the result and outcome.” -Steffo Shambo
  • “When we fix that micro relationship, we also fix the macro, on a global scale.” – Steffo Shambo

Guest Bio

Steffo Shambo is the founder of the Tantric Academy. He is a men’s relationship coach and hosts a mentorship program called the Tantric Man Experience, that has transformed hundreds of men’s marriages from all around the world. His specialty is helping men realize their full masculine confidence, sexual power, and depth of connection with their spouse.