Kay Bohlen – Confronting the Unknown

Kay’s life journey has got something big and bright to tell. 

He met Alexandra 30 years ago, at a time when they were both unsure yet of the paths they want to take. They lost sight of each other and the next thing Alex knows, Kay is navigating a tremendously difficult health journey of his own. An unusual one—a journey which eventually brought bickers of hope to many people undergoing the same. 

It may be the worst nightmare for anyone—having HIV and then the Big C. For Kay, it took him many months to know about it. And more months to get past the ‘acceptance’ stage and to finally adjust to the demands of the situation. 

But Kay picked up and learned to focus on how to move on with life. His healing journey opened him to more spiritual things, to find the meaning of life and of his situation. It opened him to many healing philosophies and techniques; led him to meet healers he didn’t know existed in real life—something not so distant from his personality as he had always changed paths drastically. His life’s way has always been to go a different new direction. 

For Kay, learning to be quiet and get in touch with the deepest part of the soul brought the most mind-changing effect to his life. And despite the changes—not being able to do what he used to—Kay had a firm mind about the things he had to let go of and to define his life in a new way. For him, we can’t escape the challenges in life. What we can do is confront and adapt to those changes. After all, mindset is everything when confronting the seemingly insurmountable! 

As he found a new channel for his creativity, Kay began bringing his experience and message to the world out there. And this was his newfound freedom and passion—with people who have shown him respect for being someone with an unusual life and path. His journey, of healing both the body, mind, and soul, has gone to give hope to countless people every day. 

For Kay: Experience stays with you. It never goes away. You have to integrate it into your body, mind, and soul to move on. It’s quite a challenge but it’s the better way to live life. 

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Podcast Highlights 

  • There’s always a fight between cancer, diagnosis, and therapy. But I never had the feeling of fighting. During the chemo, I’ve learned that I have to let go of things, not to cling to things. On many levels. – Kay Bohlen 
  • I’ve channeled a lot of things that happened to me in life and I’ve made a decision about what I can do with these. – Kay Bohlen 
  • Whatever happens to you in a healing session, you decide what’s going to happen with you next. Focus on the solutions to let go of focusing on the problems. – Kay Bohlen 
  • There was never a day when I thought I couldn’t do this anymore. There are difficult days, yes, as a stage fright in theater, but as soon as I’m on the first call, I’ve done the first step, everything becomes fine. You’re grounded again. It’s very enriching. – Kay Bohlen 
  • We’re not all sick, but we all experience sickness around us. We need to shift thoughts. – Alexandra Kreis 
  • Experience stays with you. It never goes away. You have to integrate it into your body, mind, and soul to move on. It’s quite a challenge but it’s the better way to live life. – Kay Bohlen 

Guest Bio 

Kay Bohlen used to be a stage performer for more than ten years. While working on stage, he found out that he has HIV and later, non-Hodgkin lymphoma. As he went on his healing journey, he had to give up many things including performing. But his journey led him to become an inspiration for many others facing difficult health situations. He was an AIDS ambassador in Germany and worked in Telecare, bringing hope to many, through phone calls.