Annika Lindberg: A Sense of Yoga

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Welcome to Outer Travel, Inner Journey Podcast. In this episode we are very fortunate to speak with Annika Lindberg, author of the book ‘En aning om yoga   (A sense of Yoga) and how she copes with struggles that arise with a daily practice.

We touched upon the question ‘If we need guidance to find our way in the big ocean that is called yoga. How do we find our inner guidance and what do we need to let go of – indeed – to be a good person.’ 

Be inspired with her life story from being a full-time worker at a University in Sweden, a life coach, and a long-standing student of  Yoga – which changed the way she lived her life forever. Her life’s transition from living in a city – to end up living a peaceful life in the countryside with her family. Learn how she conquers all of her hesitations on letting go of the things she used to do and she used to have, and then choose the ones she thought would define her as a person. Keep motivated on her journey as a blogger then later on a writer of her own book. Know the different life tips, struggles, and importance of Yoga by following hashtags #YogaInspiration and #SenseOfYogaSweden.

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Podcast Highlights

  • “It’s enough to just be a good person, that’s what I ended up”- Annika Lindberg
  • “You have to be persistent and you have to trust the closest”- Annika Lindberg
  • “We all have our soul, and if we can listen to that little voice inside, when we need an outer teacher, they will come in your way”- Annika Lindberg
  • “It doesn’t mean that somebody tells you what to do, but somebody that gives you advice of what you might looking to”- Annika Lindberg
  • “Embrace life for what it is now, and if you want to start Yoga, do it with a teacher that you trust”- Annika Lindberg


Guest Bio

Annika LindbergAnnika Lindberg is a former life coach and author of the book A Sense of Yoga which is written in Swedish entitled  “an anning om yoga’. She is also a retired employee of a University. She had many years in Yoga when she started her blog on her Journey which is also published in Swedish and after gaining support from her family and Virtual friends, Annika decided to write her own book.