Ayurvedic Tips : Can I ask you a favour?


Learning happens best on a two-way street. So my dear trusted reader,  I am asking you for your advice and input.

However, let me start with a question first:
Were you ever asked to disassemble what you do from the top of your head?
For example, baking a cake and writing down the recipe you have known for ages. However, quietly you notice your secret ingredient is to look at the actual batter to decide it needs a dash more butter?

That’s me. When I look at people in yogic and ayurvedic terms my inner knowledge switches on; imagine a line of ancestors and teachers behind me that are whispering in my ears, and the advice might be different from case to case.

So it’s been a long learning curve to edit and film my recent tutorials on Ayurvedic Tips, but I think I am getting there. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for all the outside assistance I got, I wouldn’t have managed to change my way. See what’s lacking and find the voice that you hear in my latest videos.

So with that new voice, I am asking you now:
What do you think? What would you like to hear? Where do I meet your interests, where not?  What are your troubles and challenges these days?

Check out my latest recordings on how to de-stress, resolve some stomach issues, and others here:

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Enjoy in videos and have a nice Ayurvedic journey!
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