Abundance, Vishnu, Laxmi and Dharma


It’s the time of the year where we spent! And why shouldn’t we?

When you think about how you have spent money lately would you say you have invested more into an experience (i.e. a yoga class, a massage or growth work etc.) or more material things?

And how much has that purchase contributed or not contributed to your life?

Looking back on my year I have spent about (full disclosure here) 7k on growth work and very little on anything else.  You get the idea – are you investing in you, or into the landfills that we create outside of Europe?

Now, what has that to do Visnu and Laxmi?

As per Hinduism, the universe is balanced through the trinity of Visnu, Brahman and Siva. Where balance is established between different dynamics. Consciousness (Brahman), Destruction and Creation (Siva) and Preservation (Visnu).
But Visnu is also known as the nurturer, and his consort is Laxmi (the goddess of prosperity). When we nurture, preserve or appreciate what we have – relationships, our resources but also our unique gifts, than Laxmi will step up and shower us with abundance.

Like Visnu and Laxmi abundance and dharma come hand in hand.

Dharma means to live in sync with why we are here. Like a river is here to flow, a tree to blossom, so are you here to accomplish something to free your soul and give it its full expression?

I try – to my best – to make my love of yoga a day to day act of being – not only of bodily fitness.
But to step into my dharma, I had to overcome a belief that was holding me back: ‘Only a poor person or one with no material desire is worthy of spiritual awakening – overcoming this means to undo karmic ties and be fully present in this world.

Is this not a super gift by the universe?

If I truly live and be, who I am (and even if it means to manifest and purchase material things), I will be gifted with prosperity in more than one way.

So assisting people and sharing their uniqueness is of importance to my path and maybe to yours too? To help others to thrive and belief in themselves.

I carefully curated 4 Christmas ideas you might find relevant:

1. Paintings by an artist -Astrid Walsh

I love her paintings and own already three of them.  Astrid’s unique Christmas offerings .

2. Vedic Astrology by Gary O’Toole

I must say, he is spot on – whatever he predicted for me.
Know what’s ahead of you. Navigate your business and personal life with a Vedic Astrology Reading

3. Sonjas fun book of Yoga Sutras

I am getting one. She is a very talented artist and dedicated yogi.

Sonja Radvila – longstanding yogi, founder of raja malas offering a fun exploration of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in the form of a beautiful book.

4. Breathe and Unwind online course by me

6-day at home retreat (online course)

In this 6-day email sequence, you get practical tips on how to take the stress out of your life and move from manic to calm.
Through small daily changes in your habits, you will align with more balance, and with what your body and mind need.

This is what you can expect:

Email 1: Introduction
Email 2: Evening rituals to unwind.
Email 3: Mornings that make you want to embrace the day.
Email 4: Ideas for your yoga practice.
Email 5: Meditation made simple.
Email 6: Healthier Eating Guidelines.

And whenever you need support, I’ll be there to give a 15min coaching session to help you apply what you need.

Book this journey now

(and use it as often as you like). It is time-tested and tried by Ayurvedic practitioners, and more and more these days. A whole community is forming around the idea to align with rhythms.

One time offer of €19 instead of €29

Gift yourself some lasting relaxation  

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