Alexandra Epple – She walked the Camino as a transformation to move countries

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On today’s show I am sitting down with Alexandra Epple – she started walking the Camino and ended up walking all the way back to Germany to her hometown.

Alexandra Epple has been active in the healing arts for 17 years. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, and Thai massage therapist. Her approach to health is super practical and down to earth. When you work with her, there are no counting calories, chasing vitamins or collecting minerals. Instead, she teaches you how to listen to your body and follow its wisdom according to Ayurveda and yoga principles.

After 20 years in the USA, Alexandra recently moved back to her homeland of Bavaria. A decision that was not caused by external circumstances but came from deep intuition. As a transition between the two continents, she decided to walk the 900 km Camino in Spain. And then … it was not enough. In the end, she walked 2,800 km on foot in 4.5 months. Shortly before Christmas, she knocked on her parents’ door. Now she is in the process of creating her life from scratch. A task that is both exciting and expansive, but also disorienting and confusing.

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