How do you want to Come out of the Pandemic?

Ah, I can smell freedom already!

Freedom is what I’d like to call it. For someone who loves and lives by traveling, this sure is freedom! For months and months now, my entire body is aching to be out and about, observe life, laugh with people and be in places again.

My family, too, has been too excited! (Shout out to parents out there who have kids and teenagers who simply cannot and should not be contained in a ‘box’ that is our homes!)

But as I plan my next holiday, I realized something from somewhere deeper.

This—what I’m feeling—is not all about the excitement for the breath of fresh air, for the warmth of the sun shining on my face, for the campfire stories I’ve been hoping yet again to share with people. 

It’s so much more.

This opening up into a new normal is an opportunity to change gears and plans. Point is—no one is watching. Or more so, whenever there was a crisis or a new world, we have used this to liberate ourselves from our past self to move forward into a future self that is more along where we see ourselves now.

As I’ve said in my previous blog, this period is an expedition of discovering who I will be the day after tomorrow.

So ask, are you looking to be flushed out and just wait on the next travel plan? Or are you using this flush to recreate yourself?

This is your chance to start new. We always say that whether you are in a better place or not yesterday, tomorrow always presents an opportunity to be in a better place than where you are today.

That’s true, of course.

But this one that we have right here is a lot bigger: it only comes around once in a blue moon. Cause it’s not just you. It’s the whole world that’s starting anew.

So before you say, ‘yes, yes I want!’, ask: do you know what will come your way? What is pulling you back into your old behavior, role, place? Where do you stop believing in the new you? What is empowering you? What is holding you back?

I am curious are you afraid to run into challenges and what might they look like—let me know your answers in my survey below.

Personally, to trigger the NEW ME, I have been daily journaling on my next 10 goals (the sky is the limit) every day. The way it works is simple. Write down 10 goals (not so easy to come up with – think of financial, career, emotions, partnerships, health) and leave it be. Then turn the page and do it again the next day.

Also, I support this future self-thinking by meditating daily around the new exciting change (morning and evening). 

And as everything is still in slow gear take time to spend being idle—allowing myself to just get bored and step into an empty space and spaciousness.

But really, I want to see and understand what you are missing around recreating routines and habits that support your new goals. That way, we continue to be valuable travel partners in this new journey. The roads are opening. Where do we want to go?

healthy habits & empowering routines survey
healthy habits & empowering routines survey