About Alexandra

About Alexandra Kreis

I STAND FOR solidarity, positivity, rootedness, connecting knowledge with wisdom.
I believe there’s always a choice, we just have to learn to make them more visible to our mind.

Since childhood, I have always felt happiest participating in the community while engaging in spiritual discovery in my private time.

In the community, I experience myself through the reflection of others, whilst ensuring that I make time to connect inwards and maintain my roots.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that my professional career has brought me into the deeper layers of self-awareness and self-discovery, whilst assisting others on their own path.

«Can’t start a fire without a spark»

(Bruce Springsteen)

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Join us on a fantastic journey through intimate conversations with people who share how they have learned to navigate the world – leaping over hurdles, big and small – to discover new worlds and their tools for finding peace within their inner journey.

Outer Travel, Inner journey takes you out on a ride around other people’s experiences and knowledge of modalities to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual richness to bring you to your inner journey of contemplation and self-discovery. It’s your weekly dose of inspiration to explore old and new worlds for a healthier and fully integrated body, mind, and soul. These intimate conversations serve as guides through the horizon of options that we can pursue to live a happier and healthier life.

Its episodes are quickly gaining traction and momentum because of the fountain of knowledge and wisdom imparted by its guests, which includes trusted personalities in the health and personal development spaces like Natasha Nandini, Priya Basil, and Aisha Harley.

Host Alexandra Kreis, an expert on her field, a yoga teacher, and Ayurveda practitioner for 30 years, carefully curates the show to benefit its audience. But Alex is not your typical host. She asks the difficult questions, brings critical ideas to the table to bring the show at a new level of discussion. Her guests are experts in their fields, and having them on the show should better be a maximized chance to tackle relevant topics that listeners would surely find as fresh to the ear and so much more enriching.

Every Wednesday, Outer Travel, Inner Journey hopes to bring its listeners to a road they’ve never been to. The podcast remains faithful to its name: to bring you out to the world of possibilities. But all of these eventually lead to the same destination we all hope to reach– an introspection of what our heart desires to lead to self-discovery and full self-awareness, acceptance, and love.

My greatest inspiration is when I see how my programs have built and strengthened the community through a deeper understanding of our individual, complex human being. I teach various Ayurveda knowledge online, making all of my programs accessible, relevant, inclusive, and adaptable to the full range of a person’s physical, emotional, and social needs. I am proud to be the founder of the Creating Space Program, which can improve not only your health but also your overall lifestyle. Creating Space Program has helped many people live more fulfilled and deepen lives. Improve your lifestyle and start building healthy habits with me today!

Professional Career
  • Social Worker

    1993 – 2000

  • Yoga Teacher

    2002 – present day

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

    2006 – present day

  • Wellness Masseuse

    2009 – present day

  • Yoga Health Coach

    2016 – present day


  • Master in Social Science, 1993
  • Iyengar Yoga Teacher, 2003
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, 2006
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapist (Kalari Style), 2009
  • Shadow Yoga Teacher, 2009
  • Yogahealing Coach, 2017

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