Why an Ayurvedic cleanse shifts your mind and body into ease?


It’s getting cold again. And 2020 is about to approach its last quarter just like that! Time really flies! Even if a lot of us might have actually spent the past months just watching the days, weeks and months go by. But hey, that’s fine. I remember one of my conversations with my husband; we talked about the invaluable lessons … Read More

5 Simple Ways to Uncover and Discolor Racism

In the past few weeks, we have found ourselves confronted by an issue that has been hiding under our beds all this time--and yes, in the middle of a pandemic! The issue of racism, beyond police violence, may not be much talked about at this side of the Atlantic, but it’s been knocking on our doors like everywhere else. Do ... Read More

Time to shake it off

I think we can all agree that it’s time to shake away some of this fear and anxiety around everything that has been going on lately. While it’s important to face our fears and learn how to deal with this new world, sometimes you just have to shake it off and forget about it! Yes, you read right. Shaking is ... Read More

No Guru. No Teacher. No Method?

The quest of finding a guru is a very personal experience. Gurus are presenting themselves more and more around us in society, and the question is whether we can benefit from finding this guidance in our lives, or if we can find other ways to inspire wisdom. Who is a guru? For many of us, the most common introduction to ... Read More

Face your fear and welcome a new way of life

I’ve been talking a lot about fear lately. Right now, fear is at the forefront for everyone and in order for us to come back to ourselves after all of this and feel truly self-empowered, we should be doing certain practices to make sure we are dealing with how the world is changing around us. Naturally, people are trying to ... Read More

Homeoffice conundrums – are you feeling overworked?

Quarantine, day number… it doesn’t even matter now. But what matters is that we’re learning to adjust to this new way of living, and hopefully finding ways to make it a calm and positive time in isolation. Something that I’m sure we’re all experiencing, is the pull of the computer, tablet or phone screen. We’re finding ourselves increasingly sitting in ... Read More

Self-isolation : Tips for a calm time

As I write this, I know that things around us are constantly changing. And by the time that I finish, things will be different again. It’s been a crazy week with the unraveling of Covid-19, and what is still to come over the next few weeks, and months, is unknown. But one thing is certain, we’re going to be spending ... Read More

Surrender to boredom

I think it’s interesting that people are constantly trying to escape boredom. What is it about feeling bored that we find so terrifying? We are surrounded by a limitless amount of entertainment, often right at our fingertips - so is it that we are forgetting we can be alone, with no one to communicate with and nothing to do? Boredom ... Read More

Don’t give up your chocolate for Ayurveda

Recently I met with a woman to discuss why she was reluctant to delve deeper into Ayurveda. She told me that an Ayurvedic doctor was once looking at her dosha types to figure out her balances, in regards to vata, pitta and kapha. And then she was handed a leaflet that sounded like it only provided the very basic “textbook” ... Read More

The benefits of Savasana

You’re going through your morning yoga routine, feeling happy that you made it to class, just in time to finish, shower, change and head to work. Then when it comes to the end of class and finishing in Savasana (Corpse Pose), you think “I don’t have time to lie down”. Maybe you want a few extra minutes to shower and ... Read More