#selfcare is bullshit

How often do you see people treating themselves to a massage or a pedicure all in the name of #selfcare.. Of course, self-care can mean different things to different people, but somehow over time, it has become a simple beauty treatment, rather than something that can refuel and revitalize you. I used to describe my non-yogic work as being a ... Read More

We are all creatures of comfort – but do we have the right routine?

This week I was sitting in a cafe and overheard two women behind me chatting about a gym injury. So of course I listened in.. one lady was explaining how she hurt her back from a workout and, being in her 50s, she felt embarrassed, after being surrounded by what seemed like so many other older and fitter people - ... Read More

The joy of spending

As human beings, we design our own spiritual practices. And so, as human beings, it’s important that we continue to look back and reevaluate our spiritual practices, as the world continues to change and we enter new stages of our lives.  Particularly at this time, more than ever, we should begin to make purchasing a more spiritual practice. This means ... Read More

When you arrive to yoga class, who are you showing up for?

You know you don’t know everything, but you behave often like you do. At least, I have done so for a big part of my life. Not knowing makes me feel uneasy.. This stage of discomfort is sometimes the best way you can learn something new, and in the process expand your comfort zone. In my first few years as ... Read More

Can we truly grow without community?

The question came to me earlier this year at the cinema when I was watching an on-screen discussion on all things religion, philosophy and human survival. On a road trip to Spain, the main characters of the movie 303 pose the idea that Neanderthals became extinct because of a lack of cooperation. We know that Neanderthals and modern humans had ... Read More

Yoga and LGBT

First of all, let me start by saying that I very much respect the fact that the LGBT movement has to keep promoting their message. I also find it very sad that they need to do so. In the modern world where allegedly 2 billion people now practise yoga, why is there still so little tolerance around the gender issue?? ... Read More

The battle between the head and the heart

(Or: When your soul is calling) When I was a teenager, one of my favourite songs was ‘The Head and the Heart’ by Chris de Burgh (please don’t stop reading here!) As a soul-searching teenager, the song reflected very familiar feelings for me as it tells a tale that most of us know only too well, one where the brain ... Read More

The biggest secret to self-care

A new series on Netflix which shows the applied knowledge of Marie Kondo on clearing our living spaces is yet one more acknowledgement that our lives have become cluttered.  From smartphones to social media, to detox diets and beyond, many of us are drowning in a deluge of products and trends that compete for our attention. It seems that we are ... Read More

Turn off and tune in – my 5 favourite Podcasts

As I started to understand the value of my time with increasing work and family chores on my hands I started to love and appreciate the ease of tuning into a podcast, audio-book or spiritual lecture on my phone, while on the move. So today I would love to share my latest Podcast pleasures and Audiobooks with you. Get inspired, ... Read More