The biggest secret to self-care

A new series on Netflix which shows the applied knowledge of Marie Kondo on clearing our living spaces is yet one more acknowledgement that our lives have become cluttered.  From smartphones to social media, to detox diets and beyond, many of us are drowning in a deluge of products and trends that compete for our attention. It seems that we are ... Read More

Turn off and tune in – my 5 favourite Podcasts

As I started to understand the value of my time with increasing work and family chores on my hands I started to love and appreciate the ease of tuning into a podcast, audio-book or spiritual lecture on my phone, while on the move. So today I would love to share my latest Podcast pleasures and Audiobooks with you. Get inspired, ... Read More

A short intro to Ayurveda

While many of us think of massages and wellness when it comes to Ayurveda, few know of the vastness of this ‘science of life’ (the translated meaning of the word Ayurveda) that it has to offer. When I think back on my personal journey with Ayurveda, I was initially fascinated and subsequently became overwhelmed by the vastness of the subject ... Read More

Why should I do a spring cleanse/detox?

Why you want to do a spring cleanse if the body can heal itself all the time - An ayurvedic perspective. The sun comes up. The air is getting warmer and I sense a spell of relief running through me. Ah - finally spring is on our doorstep. And while I am inhaling happily the joy of warmer days a thought pushes ... Read More

You think your instincts are working but is your intuition?

Personally, I’ve often struggled to discern between my instincts and my intuition until a year ago (see my story of Self-Love). In the dark days of winter, my asana practice would suffer, my eating and sleeping habits wobble, and I begin questioning myself: Is sleeping in to skip my pre-dawn sadhana (aka yoga practice, chanting or anything you do to ... Read More

Valentine’s Day Pain-Free

Love should be celebrated everyday… not just on Valentine's day. Some call this day a ‘Hallmark Day’. A day to increase adivertissement for  commercial goods  and make money on the foolish hearted. When I was single, I struggled with ignoring the day. Even though for 364 days in the year I believed I was fine, February 14th always managed to ... Read More

To hibernate – or not to hibernate?!

I love sleeping, and I hate to miss out. This has been my lifelong mantra. Most of my life I lived up to the full, but always fell into bed at night like someone punched out my lights. The world around me - I felt  - never rests. I exchanged resting over the past three decades with coffee and other things ... Read More