Ground yourself- yoga practice

Especially with this sudden weather change, I want to create excellent and well-stoked fire in my body while setting boundaries even in my physical practice. Contain the fire so to speak. Here is a sneak preview of a grounding practice I developed.

Shadow Yoga form

The Garland of Light - or Karttikeya Mandalam was one of the first forms I learnt. Parts of it are beautifully threaded in vinyasana form, other parts (that you are not seeing here) can be challenging. Eager to learn? Meet me at Yellow Yoga Berlin or book your own class.

Ayurvedic Tip I Earache

Our most precious jewels are our senses. And we often only realise it when things turn sideways. In this Vlog, I talk about how to find relief from Earache with the help of a natural remedy so that you can return into perceiving the world on all levels through all senses.

Ayurvedic Tip I Hiccup Cure

The moment when funny turns into - can someone, please stop this?! Lasting hiccups are a nuisance. So with compassion and self-awareness and this excellent tip, find relief from a constant  hiccup

Ayurvedic Tip I Cramp Relief

Cramps are the most commonly ignored body signs next to bloating, ongoing sleeplessness, swellings in the neck etc. So take a moment and listen... see if you can help yourself by understanding why you are cramping and what you can do!

Ayurvedic Tip I Dealing with Inflammation

The beauty of healing the body - no matter where the inflammation is - that you can do it through all senses and all gates. You can apply oils, you can take something internally. The body will know where to send the little helpers that come from your natural medicine. So what to do when you suffer from inflammation?

Ayurvedic Tip | Crusty Nose goodbye

Especially when the weather changes some people experience dripping noses when coming from outdoors to indoors or vice versa. Next thing we realise we have a crusty nose and then finger goes hunting.... Not a pleasant sight to watch for others... so what to do?