Detox - Ayurveda Style


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Are you ready to enter spring by feeling renewed, entered and lighter, with self confidence and trust?
The Assuring Cleanse is not your average detox; it’s an experience to give you peace of mind, self-love and a robust immune system to feel you can stand your ground and live your life to your best.


Healthy Diet

Self Care

Signs Your Body Needs a Cleanse


You’re tired, irritable and highly emotional. No offence in these times of upheaval, but curable!


You feel sluggish and groggy when you wake. An alarm and coffee are not doing it anymore.


You crave carbs and sugar and have digestive issues like bloating, allergies, headaches or skin irritations.

Body aches

You suffer from joint aches, pains and struggle to maintain a comfortable body weight and fluidity in your movements.

Benefits of Cleansing


You will effectively absorb all the nutrients and energy from the food you are eating.

Better Sleep

Improve your sleep rhythms which will reduce stress and improve your mood.

More Self Love

Simplify nourishment and self-care. Learn to centre yourself.

More Eneregy

Flush physical, emotional and environmental toxins, and arrive at a happier refreshed You!


An Assuring Cleanse Kit


What we guarantee
THIS KIT has been gently taken from our hand made limited stock of blended spices, with sterilised, contamination-free gloves and placed into the finest pouches and bottles we could find in this universe.
A team of skilled Ayurvedic chefs inspected and tested all ingredients before putting them together in these handcrafted gold-lined pouches.

Your Handcrafted Cleanse Kit

We assure you that we always have a wonderful celebration . After receiving your order and packing up the following products

Why Not Spoil Yourself?

Get the limited edition of the Assuring Cleanse Kit now.

Handmade spice blends, beverages, and self-care tools to enhance your cleansing experience.
On top of the Cleanse itself that is full of care and community support.
All guaranteed infused with Love.



Self Care

Get Yourself Going Now

An Assuring Cleanse Awaits You!


Cleanse Kit

No time for shopping new ingredients?
Make this Cleanse Hassle FREE.

Cleanse Kit

No time for shopping new ingredients?
Make this Cleanse Hassle FREE.

Cleanse Kit

No time for shopping new ingredients?
Make this Cleanse Hassle FREE.

Alexandra Kreis

Ready To Be Guided Home?

Alexandra founded a studio in Ireland for movement and healing, learned various Ayurveda modules (consultation, massage, ancestral healing, and other applications), and has passed on her knowledge in workshops, yoga classes, lectures, and online coaching for more than 20 years.
She has worked with Dr Robert Svoboda, Dr Claudia Welch, Cate Stillman, and others studied influential Ayurvedis and yogis.
Alexandra’s current focus is beyond the learned methods – to embody and express the art of living and loving presence.