Are You Ready for Meaningful Change?

Become the Creator of your own life with Creating Space
– Yoga Health Coaching Program!

Does any of these sound familiar to you?

  • I am deeply exhausted
  • My digestion is off all the time, no matter what I eat
  • I can’t switch off and my sleep is affected by it
  • I have food intolerances that create bloating, indigestion and constipation
  • I find it difficult to focus and concentrate
  • Ihave tried various programs to improve health, but can’t keep them going
  • I suffer from period pain and irregularity
  • I want to shake off bad habits but don’t know how

If you answered “YES” to any of these, you are in the right place, and I’m here to help.

I’ve designed Creating Space – a yoga health coaching program,
to assist you to reconnect with your body’s healing system
within a 12-week course, simply by practicing 10 everyday habits.

Are you ready for a change?

What is Creating Space?

Creating Space is a 12-week off-the-mat online program, specified for your individual needs where you will:

  • Understand your biological rhythms and non-negotiable body habits
  • Learn essential skills and practices to rock your world in alignment with what you need, in your life!
  • Get weekly learning material (sent by email) to correct your health, apply them regularly, use the power of habits, and awaken to your personal holistic lifestyle
  • Learn how to take care of yourself in daily life
  • Meet like-minded people, who face similar challenges and who support each other on our weekly yoga health coaching sessions
  • Get 3 private one-on-one online coaching sessions (me!)
  • Get an Accountability Partner (from the group!) and be professionally guided
  • Be a part of secret facebook groups where you can exchange your experience, ask questions and get them answered, and get support
  • Get a welcome package to get you kick-started with hamam towel, tongue scraper, oil, and a few other helpful goodies

This course is not just a curriculum to work through, but an initiation into applying your body’s innate wisdom.

It will help you to cure chronic and acute symptoms such as insomnia, allergies, bloating, food intolerances and eczema, as well as some undesirable mental states triggered by stress like anger, feeling moody and low.

Are you ready to make a change? To get inspired read a testimonial of one of my clients:

This 12-week course is for you, if:
  • You want to find time for yourself again.
  • You want to surround yourself with like-minded beings.
  • You have been suffering from symptoms like inflammation, insomnia, burn-out, allergies, eczema, or being overweight…
  • You are looking to regain strength and vitality and develop a strong daily routine.
  • You feel worried or stressed, although you know you are a positive person.
  • You want to start your personal yoga home practice.
  • You want to gain access to your full potential.
  • You long for time-out and rejuvenation within your daily life.
  • You want to get a closer look at nutrition from a Vedic perspective.
  • You want to learn more about Yoga and Ayurveda in everyday life.

Change Your Life For The Better Today!

 ONLY €900

Course content

The Creating Space Online Group Coaching is based on the ancient science of Yoga and Ayurveda, spiced with modern scientific knowledge of Habit Evolution.

  • Ten healthy habits in 12 weeks of coaching (introduction and conclusion included)
  • Welcome package to get you kick-started with hamam towel, tongue scraper, oil, and a few other helpful goodies
  • Weekly learning material (sent by email)
  • Three private coaching sessions and 12 group sessions via video conference software Zoom (easy to handle)
  • Individual program for your yoga or similar body-movements to suit your needs
  • measuring tools for your progress
  • Yoga, meditation, massage, nutrition, sleep and eating habits…
  • A community that supports YOU on your way
  • Accountability Partner and Professional Guidance
  • Secret Facebook Group
Manifest a real, meaningful change

Annual Membership

with 3 different Creating Space focuses during your year-long travel


3 Creating Space Online Group Coachings

Welcome Starter Kit

PLUS 8 Sunday Soul Sessions


Manifest a real, meaningful change

with the

The Yogic Roadmap

(annual membership)

with 3 different Creating Space focuses during your year-long travel
When was the last time you stuck to your New Years resolution, huh?
I want to invite you to a year-long journey where you will fully automate all the habits, without even thinking about them! The annual membership is like a yogic roadmap:
You follow it to arrive at your most profound wisdom and connection — the one you might have received glimpses of in your yoga class. Only now you will have the tools to unravel the secrets behind these experiences. You can start anywhere on the map. As a base, all 3 Creating Space programs have 10 habits of Ayurveda. The focus of each cycle shifts the conversation into deeper territory, no matter where you start. You can choose to participate at a single Creating Space module or travel for a year to get real, get deep, connected and live the meaningful change.
There are 3 different modules to Creating Space – the Yogic Roadmap

Each module contains the same structure, as explained above for the 12-week course.

Module 1 – Ayurvedic healthy habits (Dinacharya)

Get familiar with ten ayurvedic rituals that will bring you in touch with yourself and start you on a journey of self-healing.

Module 2 – Living the habits underlined by Yogic Philosophy and Yoga Practices

Stay in touch with your habits while you work deeper into your physical yoga practice. You will receive Video Tutorials and get corrections. There will be coaching sessions on how the basic habits apply to your yoga practice of the mat.

Module 3 – Finding the right way of living (Dharma)

On the background of the habits and your growing yoga practice, you will notice how you are getting clearer with where you place your energies. Once you see that you are gaining traction on your path, you will be more connected to how you can thrive in your career. This quarter is there to establish clarity around your career and your soul purpose.

Don’t miss out on these bonuses:
Summer Soul Sessions – space to look inside and apply what you learned, while you stay in touch through facebook and get incentives to deepen your application. This includes outer and inner cleaning rituals, mind mapping, taking habit evolution into anything you want to change, Book Club. (12 weeks of silent communication and support with subtle input – pricepoint €120)
12 one on one coaching sessions – there are things you need to discuss outside the group? No problem! Choose a monthly one on one call to stay clear on the track. (My coaching sessions are priced at €900 for 10 sessions when you book them separately, without the program)
Welcome package – to get a headstart with your ayurvedic routines and habit tracking you get an excellent welcome gift worth €100!
Accountability partner that upholds you, when you feel like tweaking out.

Pay ONLY €2,250

Instead of


Limited Offer
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Are you ready? Interested to learn more?
Let’s have a conversation!

What will the habits teach me?
  • discover your best structures to eat, rest and act
  • understand meal spacing to benefit your body type
  • work with moving and sitting practices like Yoga and Meditation
  • learn Ayurvedic recipes and remedies
  • become aware of hindering habits
  • recognise and chose what is best for you
  • establish sound sleeping patterns and learn to reset your system
  • exercise self-care so you are fully able to care for others, too
What are the basic principles?
  • Kaizen – don’t jump in too deep and fail, but instead, learn to take a step by step approach that can be easily integrated into your current life
  • chronobiology
  • become a learner, not a judger –listening to the inner voice to cultivate a more positive attitude
  • Habit science: »Trigger – Apply – Reward«
  • practice sustainable self-assessment with joy
  • Compound Effect
  • dynamic group rules and support
  • group and laser coaching
How much time do I need to bring?

For 12 weeks you need to commit weekly to :

  • 75 min for a coaching call on ZOOM (tele-conference)
  • approx. 40 min for tutorial
  • 3-4 hours for our one-on-one coaching sessions

Some students may already be deeply committed to a yogic path and others may be new to this. Be aware that the length of your morning routine could increase in time by anything between 10 mins and 90 mins (incl. yoga).
The amount of time you decide to spend on morning routine is entirely up to you. However, this program will very quickly free up time throughout your day if you are ready and willing to devote your attention and commitment towards it.

The next online courses are commencing as follows:

7th Sep 2019 – 10th Nov 2019

1st Dec 2019 – 9th Feb 2020

23rd Feb 2020 – 10th May 2020