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The Power of Simplicity

Ayurvedic taster consultation.  Book a free 45-minute introductory consultation to learn about your ayurvedic constitutions. Knowing your own basic make-up explains ‘recurring life issues’ that feel like your Achilles heel. From the knowledge of who you are, you have the opportunity to finally experience relief and even healing.

What is included:
  • Analysis of your body constitution
  • Discussion of reoccurring health problems in your life, such as:
    Burnout, stomach problems, gastritis, depression, back pain, runny nose, eczema, sleep disorders, relationship problems.
  • An e-book for the nutritional instructions of your body type
  • No preparation needed.
  • Select an appointment that suits you well. Maybe allow yourself a little free time after our consultation.
  • Wait for my confirmation email.
  • On the day of our appointment, I will call you on your phone, on skype or medium we have agreed on.