Jannetje van Leeuwen – Start Ups: Creating Space to Unfold


Have you ever felt like being confined in a box? On your role, on what you have to do, on who you want to be? It’s hard, especially for us, women. We are constantly influenced by our surroundings—parents, community, society.

But how does one get out of that box? How does one unfold and fly? The idea can seem too vague. Often, we’d say, it’s easier said than done. And it’s true. Many of us just know that we want and have to take off and fly and wander but never really landed yet. Anyhow, life shouldn’t tell you where and when and how to land and stop.

This is exactly the case for Jannetje van Leeuwen, another powerful woman sharing her magic and her story. Jannetje is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, super-connector, and more. She admits that she’s not good at finishing stuff, but starting up is her strength. Jannetje grew up with confidence—being told by her supportive mom that she can do and become successful with whatever she decides to do. But she also puts such great appreciation and understanding of the fact that she’s speaking from a place of privilege—that unlike many others (probably most), she enjoys the liberty to explore because she doesn’t have to worry too much about her next meal, or paying up the rent and so on.

This confidence and view about life have created the space for her to explore enough, not only as a multifaceted entrepreneur but as a person in general. All the checkboxes of successful adult life—glittery title, fancy house and car, figure in the bank account—never really interested Jannetje. But the excitement in uncertainty, the challenge, connection, being able to build and control—these are the more fulfilling things. The jump itself is fulfilling!

After all, life and nature taught us: when you jump, you got to land. You just have to trust.

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Podcast Highlights

  • 03:4905:49 Journey to Multifaceted Entrepreneurship.
  • 06:57- 12:56  From Self-Exploration to Clarity.
  • 17:54- 20:30  Trusting to let go and jump.
  • 20:35 – A start-up is like giving birth.
  • 25:35 Vatta Personality.
  • 30:37-33:48 Truthful Communication in Business

Pocket Quotes

  • Trust that when you jump, you gotta land. – Alexandra Kreis
  • Allow things to unfold. – Jannetje van Leeuwen
  • You don’t have to make this huge shift. It’s not the fantasy nor the picture of the kind of person you want to be but much more around the feeling you would have in that new role. – Jannetje van Leeuwen
  • Pausing before concluding or before you act is easier said than done. – Jannetje van Leeuwen
  • It’s okay to not know. It doesn’t have to be so defined. – Jannetje van Leeuwen

Guest Bio

JannetjeJannetje van Leeuwen is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, super-connector and door opener from Dublin, Ireland. She co-founded and managed four start-up business

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