Massage beyond wellness - an Ayurvedic perspective

When we think of treating ourselves, we think of massages, steam baths and other therapeutic treatments. Ayurvedic practices can be perceived as a treat, whilst at the same time promoting healing. The meaning of the word healing is to move from disease to a state of ease. Therefore, restoring ease through treatment is the beginning of healing. Furthermore, if we consider that all healing methods (including modern scientific ways of healing) are based on observation and analysis of the natural world, we start to understand that Nature is the actual healer.

For example, pharmaceuticals attribute their formulae to analyzing plant structures (and their chemical specifications) which are then synthesized and catalyzed to become pills. The results of Natural healing methods are clearly slower to appear, but the body and spirit can digest them more efficiently, and change is correspondingly less disruptive.

Ayurveda refers in its healing knowledge to the more significant forces and elements of nature and summarises them into three doshas


air and ether


fire and water


earth and water

The five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether – manifest themselves in the functioning of the five senses, as well as in specific functions of the human physiology.

Tan means subtle, and matra means elements. The Tanmatras, the subtle elements are the objects of the five senses. The five senses themselves are tactile perception, vision, taste and smell. The Tanmatras are how we grasp and process the objective world.

Just as we are imbalanced by the ‘overdosing’ of an element, we can also recover from an imbalance with the corresponding abstinence or counter-measure. My work is based on these subtle interfaces, and I use sound, smell, as well as images to reconcile the body and mind in the massage.

Ayurvedic Taster Consultation

Indulge in an experience of the senses and try a classic Ayurvedic massage or a stress-relieving AromaTouch™ massage with essential oils.

Ayurvedic body massage

(With pure therapeutic aroma oils)

60 min    € 70,

90 min    € 95,

AromaTouch™ Technique

(awake deep relaxation)

50 min    € 60,

Isolation? Connection. Self-massage!

If you are not located in Berlin or just want to learn a simple and beginner techniques for self-massage. You can always try out our Self Massage course, live guidance with Alexandra from the comfort of your home!


What is a classic Ayurvedic massage?
Abhyanga – Ayurvedic massage in Kalari style

The Ayurvedic massage consists of kneading and pressing. Long sweeping strokes and traditional massage strokes are used to support the doshas (regulators) of the individual patient in conjunction with essential oils. The style and intensity of the massage depends on the needs of the client and promotes a sense of balance and well-being.

In my work, I focus on “Marma points”.  These are comparable to pressure points in reflexology, acupuncture, and acupressure. Work on the marma points resolves blockages in the organs, tissues and nadis (the body’s central energy system).

Kalari massage comes from the martial art style of the same name. Traditionally, the student is massaged for weeks before being introduced to the art itself. In this way, the body is already opened and prepared for learning and practice of the discipline. A single massage often brings true relief on several levels –physical and mental. A series of massages at shorter or longer intervals helps to dissolve deep-seated adhesions in the tissues, as well as more deeply rooted tensions. Through physical relief, the mind can also return to a clear state.

What is an AromaTouch™ massage?
Relieve yourself from stress and strengthen your immune system.

Benefit from the natural healing power that is inherent in the purest essential oils and experience the power and the soul of the plants in just one massage session – an extraordinary experience.

The AromaTouch ™ technology improves the activity of essential oils and stimulates well-known body meridians and energy zones whilst balancing body functions and systems. It includes the following four steps:

  1. Stress Management
  2. Strengthening of the immune system
  3. Promotion of a healthy inflammation response
  4. Homeostasis compensation
What oils will be used for what?
All essential oils are by DoTerra, 100% organic


The first essential oil blend is : BALANCE
It prepares the body for the subsequent essential oils, enabling faster and more effective healing.
– creates a sense of well-being
– regulates the central nervous system
– encourages inner peace
– promotes a feeling of equilibrium

The second essential oil is LAVENDER
– a wonderful, sedative.
– modulates the mood
– relieves anxiety and stress
– soothes body, mind and soul


The third essential oil is TEA TREE (Melaleuca)
– relieves infections
– is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

The fourth essential oil is again a mixture ON GUARD™.
A very special mixture which is highly recommended even in the flu season or in times of increased stress!
– effective against bacteria, viruses, mold
– supports a healthy immune response
– is a natural antibiotic


Half of all people suffer from inflammation-related pain.
The triggers are of different causes:
chemical factors (environment), food, traumas (accidents, crises), or biological causes.Not all inflammatory reactions are negative. The immune response is a ‘good’, desirable, healthy response of the body to a stimulus, e.g. the inflammatory reaction when one sprains the ankle.
The chronic form of inflammation is addressed by the AromaTouch™ technique.

The fifth essential oil used is another blend; AROMATOUCH™
This mixture improves the circulation and soothes irritation of the tissues. The improved blood circulation enhances health in damaged tissues and helps to reduce muscle pain, tensions and spasms.

The sixth ethereal oil used is the blend : DEEP BLUE®.
It is a mixture of anti-inflammatory essential oils
Helichrysum is, for example, the only essential oil that stimulates tissue generation!
– cools painful joints
– relieves muscle pain
– supports a healthy inflammation reaction


The seventh aroma-oil used is WILD ORANGE
– remarkable system protection properties
– supports the level of glutathione in the body – necessary for cell protection
– supports the immune system
– lifts the mood
– reduces stress-induced anxiety

The eight essential oil is a blend of two oils; WILD ORANGE & PEPPERMINT
– encourages digestion after a sumptuous meal
– reduces discomfort
– soothes muscles and tissues
– applied locally, it produces a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin.
– relaxes the mind