Reawaken Your Body

Alexandra Kreis

Reawaken Your Body

Powerful Wintering routines
to consolidate your mind
with your body

In this five-week course, you will find solutions to re-establish body connection by making those times around your ‘nine to five’ genuinely more restorative. We will be looking at your mornings and evenings and make them your sanctuary. No matter if family, pets or other co-inhabitants surround you, the routines you will learn can be done together or alone and help you refresh and restore your body’s energy. You will be surprised how you will make them your new routines. Alexandra’s expertise will make your success inevitable.

START TODAY, Reunite your body and mind – untangle the fight for dominance and its chitter-chatter, CONNECT WITH YOURSELF THIS WINTER.

Move back into your body

and use the wintertime to establish nourishing routines

Morning Routine

A morning routine is said to boost happiness, increase productivity, reduce stress levels and get you grounded and settled for the day. It’s about getting started on the ‘right foot’.

Evening Routine

Your nighttime routine can become the place that assists in refueling your energy-tank. In fact, you can shoo away insomnia with some gentle, soothing implementations to create better sleep. As we know now, rest is like your petrol station. A good night’s sleep can assist in brighter mornings that are promising and not daunting – both at work and at play.

Mindful-Breath - Body Practices

Mindful Breathing has been shown to reduce anxiety, help with burnout, provide certain types of pain relief, and decrease negative thinking.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

- Aristotle

Course Structure



Most of us have a clear vision that we want to change, but our subconsciousness will arrange a lot to boycott us from moving away from the most familiar path. Knowing how we react to new experiences often helps to find ways to approach change with more self-compassion.
This test will reveal how you ‘tick’ and what is important to you, so you can free-flow through the changes.

Evening Routines – returning home to your physical self

Poor sleep has been shown to negatively impact our memory, health, cognitive ability, and can even put a strain on your relationships and social life. That’s why it is important to nurture your evening routines. In this course and with Alexandra’s guidance, we will form a better habit around evening routines.


There are so many words out there that describe the innate knowing that there is a ‘thing’… ‘a purpose’ we are here to fulfill. Like when you came out of school, you were making the first decision on how you would grow. Did you feel a calling to a ‘bigger dream’? One that serves you and others? Yogis call it Dharma, Psychology calls it ‘Zone of Genius’, other people name it ‘calling or passion’. We will spend a bit of time getting closer to your sense of purpose and the next chapter of your life in this particular part of the course – with some efficient tools.


When was the last time you thought of your morning as ‘time for yourself’ – as your sanctuary? Many of us fall prey to slaving ourselves through the mornings to arrive at work. How about stimulating that time in a way that it becomes enriched, healthy, dreamy, and just for you. Waking up and not only grabbing a cup of coffee to get going but truly building energy. Alexandra will guide you through methods that are not far off from what you do daily, but that will make you feel more connected and alive.

Mindful Breathing/MOVING – Practice

In this part and week, you will rediscover to be your own boss, – on the mat – on your work out bike – in your own body practice – whatever has brought you to this point in time. This will be the last class, where we will show you what to do next.

We start 18 February


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IMPRESSIONS From Our tribes

"Alex is knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher. She knows when to push you and when to let you rest. She observes the minutiae of one's posture and breath and has a sixth sense to know where is one emotionally and mentally. She is a great guide."
Ana Rarkovac
"Many thanks, Alexandria for helping me become clear on what actions to take to ensure that I get the most out of the courses I have signed up for."
Mary Ciofi Kohn
"The habits and insights definitely take time to integrate and to blossom in your life - as such I’m really glad that I was able to take part for a year. While some of the primary physical aspects resonated with me more immediately (things like sleep, movement, self-massage…), some of the benefits to the spirit and mental health are only showing up for me fully now - things like spending intentional time in the kitchen and being in charge of my own time are deeply inspiring to me at the moment. So in many ways, completing one year of Creating Space was only a starting point for me, not an end goal."
Katharina Joy Book

My Philosophy

Inner Peace

In the community, I experience myself through the reflection of others, whilst ensuring that I make time to connect inwards and maintain my roots.

About Alexandra

Founder of Creating Space + Head Coach

Yoga teacher and Ayruvedic Consultant

I’m a Yoga teacher for almost two decades, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant for 13 years, and a massage therapist for 11 years.

Yoga Health Coach

All these came into synergy and led me to become a Yoga Health Coach.

Balance into our life

Those twists and turns in my journey taught me to expertly find and bring balance into our lives – and this is what I want to share with you!

Join the tribe ...

»Creating Space« is a method to live your life more intensely, self-determined and healthier. The book by Alexandra Kreis conveys old Ayurvedic knowledge and connects it with our modern everyday life. While it is a short book, it does not lack the richness and is a great companion to assist in building a more fulfilling life for yourself. It teaches you ten new habits in a playful way and is accompanied by humour, depth and many relevant questions. An exciting, gratifying adventure!
Barbara Weidle,
Weidle Publishing House, Bonn, Germany

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Is this you?

You are trying to lose weight, but despite all your efforts, you are not succeeding. Through the Creating Space program, you will be able to establish an appropriate rhythm of nutrition that will allow you to gain the desired weight.

You have constant problems falling asleep slowly, and you do not have a complete healthy sleep during the night. For the benefit of a good night’s sleep, other things need to work. With the excellent guidance of Alexandra, she will reveal to you the secret from Ayurveda on how to improve your sleep.

Do you feel that you are continually failing to finish what you started and that it seems as if your work has no end, and you do not have a time set aside for yourself? To be productive, you need to have “ME time”. In this program, you will learn how to live with rhythm, where “ME time” is prioritized.

You notice that you get sick more and more easily, that you have less energy than usual. You get herpes, pimples, digestion doesn’t work well, your nails are cracking… all of these mean a bad immune system. Today, it is essential to take care of the immune system to stay healthy. When we have a rhythm and live healthy habits, then our immune system becomes stronger.

Sometimes it’s too hard to get out of bed and just start something new. Especially today when we are isolated and excluded from each other. Join Alexandra’s community and it will provide you with all the support you need.

Invest in your Health

Reawaken your body

Powerful Wintering routines to consolidate your mind with your body
  • Clear Your Vison
  • Create Healthy Morning Routine
  • Create Evening Healthy Routine​
  • Mindful Breathing
Early Bird

My promise to you.

You will gain an understanding of what stops you from moving into deep rejuvenating states of sleep. You will learn how you can lose a little of your physical and mental heaviness. You will feel more in touch where you can change things in your life, and where you have to ‘roll with the punches’. You will feel alive and grounded in the morning.

~ Alexandra Kreis

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This course is for you, if:
* You want to find time for yourself again
* You want to surround yourself with like-minded beings
* You have been suffering from symptoms like inflammation, insomnia, burn-out or being overweight
* You are looking to regain strength and vitality and develop a strong daily routine
* You feel worried or stressed, although you know you are a positive person
* You long for time-out and rejuvenation within your daily life
* You want to get a closer look at nutrition from a Vedic perspective
* You want to learn more about Yoga and Ayurveda in everyday life

Kaizen – don’t jump in too deep and fail, but instead, learn to take a step by step approach that can be easily integrated into your current life
* Chronobiology
* Become a learner, not a judger – listening to the inner voice to cultivate a more positive attitude
Habit science: »Trigger – Apply – Reward«
* Practice sustainable self-assessment with joy
Compound effect
Dynamic group rules and support
Group and laser coaching

* Discover your best structures to eat, rest and act
Understand meal spacing to benefit your body type 
* Become aware of hindering habits
* Recognize and choose what is best for you
Establish sound sleeping patterns and learn to reset your system
Exercise self-care so you are fully able to care for others, too

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