Recharge & Invigorate Yourself

An ayurvedic retreat to return to loving presence

Come and be nourished on this Greek Escape

The Greek Escape is an invitation for you to experience the healing and creative energy of an ayurvedic-centered lifestyle, as part of a loving community and in a serene environment. The practice of moving your body consciously (yoga) and various forms of meditation will support you to reconnect with your body.
Simple self-applied ayurvedic treatments and creative and sacred practices (journaling, chanting and ancestral healing) will allow you to heal and connect deeply, so as to open up to the loving presence of Being.
One of the community-enhancing elements of this retreat is the practice of cooking together and serving each other. People with no cooking skills always find a place in these practices by becoming sous chefs and helping with simpler chores.
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Discover the Great Zen Rocks Mani

Greece, Peleponnes, Mani
31st Oct - 6th Nov 2022

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Space is limited Maximum group size: 26 participants

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These are your room choices. Once you have enrolled and bought a ticket to the retreat, we will ask you to name your Room Choice. Payment for the Rooms is done separately and only needs to be finalized two weeks before the retreat starts.

Single Room

Retail Price: 1100 €

For 6 Nights / pp

Double Room

Retail Price: 810 €

For 6 Nights / pp

Triple Room

Retail Price: 660 €

For 6 Nights / pp


Retail Price: 600 €

For 6 Nights / pp
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Alexandra founded a studio in Ireland for movement and healing, learned various Ayurveda modules (consultation, massage, ancestral healing, and other applications), and has passed on her knowledge in workshops, yoga classes, lectures, and online coaching for more than 20 years.

She has worked with Dr Robert Svoboda, Dr Claudia Welch, Cate Stillman, and other influential Ayurvedis and Yogis.

Alexandra’s current focus is beyond the learned methods – to embody and express the art of living here and now in loving presence.

(+49) 0162 2596875

Where We Are

Greece, Zen Rocks Mani
Unnamed Road, Ditiki Mani 240 16,
Mani 240 16, Greece

Arrival & Departure Day

Day of Arrival

3pm first get together
Dinner will be a soup

Last Day

The retreat finishes after Breakfast.
The premises need to be vacated by 11 am

Daily activity outline

The Spring and Autumn Retreats have different times due to the weather and light conditions. Alexandra will announce times on your arrival day.
Morning Chant, Yoga, Meditation
Breakfast Break
Morning Chant, Yoga, Meditation
Personal Time

Afternoon Satsang – Reflecting on the morning with the help of coaching tools

Ayurvedic treatments OR Yoga – depending on the subject of the day.


Evening Visualization – to harvest the good of the day
After you have time to ponder and come down (we might use this as silent time)