Sunday Soul Sessions

You are cordially invited to nurture your personal growth and to uncover your blind spots on a regular basis.

Sunday Soul Sessions start where your local Yoga Class ends –off the mat– in your day to day life.

Come and join the Sunday Soul Sessions!

Find out for yourself what is necessary on a holistic path and what not. «On the path» it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed. And your wisdom is required to stop dabbling in the dark and to start seeing the bigger picture.

Bring positive habit forming rituals into your daily life, stabilise your day to day routines and be curiously prepared for the un-preparable – the challenges a joyful and vital life brings naturally. The great advantage will be that you have the capacity to deal with these challenges on a whole different level, with clarity and self-awareness.

To support each other in this process, we meet every other Sunday in an intimate space via Zoom to tend to our little garden, where the flowers of self-care and healthy habits are cultivated at their own pace. While you learn about fine-tuning your life as well as developing your observation skills in the light of Yoga and Ayurveda, we will have plenty of room for sharing, as well as questions and answers.

The price for 8 sessions is 80 € including 19% VAT. Sessions will be announced in advance and accompanied by some reference-material and simple tools for everyone.

We can bring so much more happiness and contentment to our lives when we speak with the right people and feel their support. That’s one of the many things I know from The Creating Space Program that I have been running for more than a year at this point.

People heading in the same direction want to connect, stay in touch beyond a retreat or a course, to inspire each other and to be inspired. We love to share our experiences, confirm and correct our own understanding of the things we have learned together and be in the presence of those with whom we have shared valuable time.

Modern day yoga classes are excellent to get you started on your path to your heartfelt happiness. But how to cross that gap from shaping your body to finding true wisdom in and through your practice?

A Tribal Journey of Growing Deeper into Your Skin

Each session will be around 60 minutes or be depending on our needs and will be announced in advance through an email alert. The Live-Sessions take place on Zoom, where you are free to address all your concerns and hopes but don’t have to share anything. It’s a place of support for awakening souls. We will meet in a safe space where each of us can find inspiration to make the next step and support others at the same time.

8 Sessions
every other Sunday

May 26th //  June 9th and 23rd // July 7th and 21st // August 4th and 18th // September 1st


11 am CET (Berlin Time, GMT+1) – Worldwide (Zoom-Session)

Jump off the confusion carousel

How to recognise what’s right and what’s not – for you and just you.

You can habit all

Tired of falling off the wagon of your self-promises? Here’s how you can make it so easy that you can’t resist following through. You can set a frame for your life that allows you to be free, creative and content.

Eyes on Ayurveda

An introduction to self – healing.

Rhythms in Yoga and Ayurveda

Rhythms are not just rhythms. Some can be misleading and create tension in our lives. Some can be helpful.  Are you sure that your rhythms are useful frameworks for your life? Practice rhythms to get you into the groove and your own life will flow effortlessly.

Time Blocking

Bundle your energy and become super clear with yourself and in your work environment.

Resolutions that become more than promises to yourself

Now, look at how you promised yourself to get in shape. To do more yoga. To eat better perhaps… you know you are committed and with the right tools and good self-esteem, we can solve the mystery through taking practical steps towards action.

The 6 Tastes of Ayurveda

Kick your cravings out – know what spice is missing in your diet!

Kitchen Sadhana

A practical session in this series of Sunday Soul Sessions is one where you have the opportunity to enjoy simple meals that can be prepared in no time at all, once your kitchen is properly organised.