Ayurvedic Tips | Tummyache

Especially on holidays, we try and mix new foods we don't particularly know. Such a joy to get to know a new place through its tastes in meals and desserts but sometimes we end up bloated or with a bellyache. In this video, I give some easy advise on what to do when your belly is not feeling its best.

Ayurvedic Tips | Sunburn

Sun is shining! We all love it. And sometimes maybe a little too much. How to approach sunlight and especially what can you do when your skin has had a little too much of it? Check out my latest video on how to prevent and treat your sunburn effectively with the help of Aryurveda.

Ayurvedic Tips | Bumps and Bruises

In case you accidentally bump your heads when you meet your friends overjoyed in the park, or you hit your naked shin against the pedal of your bicycle; my latest video "Bumps and Bruises from an Ayurvedic perspective."

What the group thing does for me

I worked as a social worker in my 20s. My friend Ulrike was rather shy in groups. She was often amazed by the ease that allowed me to step in front of people in meetings and trainings. I didn’t see the realness of her fears, that could hold such a wonderful woman back so easily from expressing herself and her ... Read More

Being on fire and keeping it alive

I am still in awe. In awe of yoga virgins and how their first class and body experience blow their mind. Do you remember your first impressions of your body and mind after your first yoga session? I certainly do. I could not lift my foot to step off the street back on the pavement. At the time I lived in the ... Read More

Make a Kaizen Move!

You love what you do? You know you are dedicated but still don't feel that you get the results - in a word you are loosing grit? You know you have to persevere to reach the bigger goals in life, those beyond doing dishes and getting groceries. It can be easy to get lost, but it can be just as ... Read More

Have you got Grit?

Sure I do! Or at least, that’s what I thought. I thought I was a person who had grit. People often compliment me on being someone who doesn’t easily give up. But when I learned about Angela Duckworth’s study on Grit, a storm broke loose inside of me. Her grit test showed that I only mark positive on half the … Read More

Detox Comfort Zone – a retrospective after ten days of cleansing

We all have our comfort zones in everyday life. For some, it is the job they know inside out, for others, it's how they train themselves regularly through yoga or other practices. But nowadays for most of us, for sure,  food is the most significant comfort zone. So how come a Detox - a cleanse with a specific diet that ... Read More

Guided Detox Online-Workshop

9.4. - 17.4.2018 – worldwide Based on the resounding success of last year, I am hosting another ayurvedic cleanse this year. Purifications or so-called detoxes are bound to seasonal changes as per Ayurvedic knowledge, and should therefore only happen 2 times/year. These junctions are signified through the change of weather from  heat to cold or vice versa. We are approaching such ... Read More