Detox Comfort Zone – a retrospective after ten days of cleansing

We all have our comfort zones in everyday life. For some, it is the job they know inside out, for others, it's how they train themselves regularly through yoga or other practices. But nowadays for most of us, for sure,  food is the most significant comfort zone. So how come a Detox - a cleanse with a specific diet that ... Read More

Guided Detox Online-Workshop

9.4. - 17.4.2018 – worldwide Based on the resounding success of last year, I am hosting another ayurvedic cleanse this year. Purifications or so-called detoxes are bound to seasonal changes as per Ayurvedic knowledge, and should therefore only happen 2 times/year. These junctions are signified through the change of weather from  heat to cold or vice versa. We are approaching such ... Read More

Practice for Moms

This is for you, Moms! Right-Click the image and “save as” on your computer.