7 Easy Ways to Take Care of Yourself 2021


It’s funny how people, in our quest to improve, and care for our quality of life, have taken for granted life itself, yeah? Society made us think a good life means a fine house, a nice car, the ability to travel abroad, and fancy personal stuff. And so we chase good-paying jobs. Make-do with working 60 hours a week, answering … Read More

Ayurvedic Self-Massage: Your Ultimate Self-Care Practice


Self-Massage and Ayurveda Massage has been proven to offer so many benefits. But self-massage has one more uniquely important thing to offer: a moment to deeply connect to the self. Self-massage is deeply healing. But by adding up a breathing practice and use of medicinal oils, we take the benefits of this ancient practice to the next level. This practice … Read More

What does it mean to practice self-care?


Adulthood is overrated. The length of effects and stress brought about by the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of adulthood is underestimated. Workload, deadlines, work at home, family relationship, financial responsibilities—the list could go on and on. When you factor in social activities and what social media tells you to consume, you will relish the opportunity to trade places with that baby … Read More

Self-care : The biggest secret

A new series on Netflix which shows the applied knowledge of Marie Kondo on clearing our living spaces is yet one more acknowledgement that our lives have become cluttered.  From smartphones to social media, to detox diets and beyond, many of us are drowning in a deluge of products and trends that compete for our attention. It seems that we are ... Read More