#selfcare is bullshit

How often do you see people treating themselves to a massage or a pedicure all in the name of #selfcare.. Of course, self-care can mean different things to different people, but somehow over time, it has become a simple beauty treatment, rather than something that can refuel and revitalize you. I used to describe my non-yogic work as being a ... Read More

Self-care : The biggest secret

A new series on Netflix which shows the applied knowledge of Marie Kondo on clearing our living spaces is yet one more acknowledgement that our lives have become cluttered.  From smartphones to social media, to detox diets and beyond, many of us are drowning in a deluge of products and trends that compete for our attention. It seems that we are ... Read More

Ayurvedic Tips : Can I ask you a favour?

Learning happens best on a two-way street. So my dear trusted reader,  I am asking you for your advice and input. However, let me start with a question first: Were you ever asked to disassemble what you do from the top of your head? For example, baking a cake and writing down the recipe you have known for ages. However, ... Read More

Group – What have done for me?

I worked as a social worker in my 20s. My friend Ulrike was rather shy in groups. She was often amazed by the ease that allowed me to step in front of people in meetings and training. I didn’t see the realness of her fears, that could hold such a wonderful woman back so easily from expressing herself and her ... Read More