What people say about me & my work…

Yoga – After a 3-week Intensive (Yoga)

The course was really nice..the atmosphere, your teaching style and your energy and your knowledge, everything. … Really wonderful and grounded and holistic/wholesome. It was really good after all the yoga classes and schools and styles I took and also really funny stuff in the city;) once again to meet something so authentic and with depth … I myself have a very long “seeker path” behind me and in front of me … and in such a way at some time you can recognize very quickly the differences in teachers and people .. and also in yoga classes. So thank you! I really rejoice that you are here in Berlin. Ardjani P. / Berlin 2017

Regular Classes

I have enjoyed your yoga class very much and have never met such a great teacher. Julia Läufer/ Berlin 2017


Alexandra has an amazing ability to see into people’s bodies and understand what’s going on beneath the surface. Her knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga is extensive and outstanding. I find her ability to read bodies inspirational and she has taught me so much about Ayurveda and how to live a more positive and healthful life via these 10 habits. Due to Alex’s coaching, I have now developed a daily yoga practice and have completely transformed both the content of my diet and the way that I eat. As a result, I feel much less stressed and have more space in my life to attend to the things that are important to me. Alex is a great teacher. She is able to explain the concepts in a way that is both simple and in depth. She provided a lot of motivational reminders to keep going when motivation was flagging. She also provided a really useful one-on-one session in which we discussed my yoga practice, which has resulted in my yoga practice growing much deeper. I have worked with many yoga teachers over the last 10 years, but I have never met anyone who has such a holistic and deep understanding of so many aspects of the yogic lifestyle – shadow yoga, massage, Ayurveda, essential oils – as Alex. All of her areas of expertise feed into each other so that she can provide truly holistic coaching experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Roisin T/ Berlin 2017

Massage – Aroma Touch Massage

The Fascinating thing about the Aroma Touch Massage is its deep effect, although it is applied only very gently on the skin. Compared to many other massages I have experienced, you can let yourself go from the beginning to the end of the relaxation, without having to worry about painful blockages that have to be relaxed by pressure points. The ritual application of the oils strengthens the effect of being able to fall and deepen into my inner being.The pure oil fragrances take me on this path of deeper concentrated on myself and support the trance-like state, which in my sessions occur by itself. Needless to say, that besides the oils it is “the golden-hands” of Alex, which are very skillful – radiating trust and warmth – promote the process of the healthy balance. I feel very cared for and by the interaction of Alex, which I can reach and refresh in basic sources of energy. Currently, I am living in China and has long been equipped with the aroma touch oils in search of a similar form of deepening and relaxing. But as soon as I’m near Alex in Berlin, I know what I can not afford to miss. Lasse Hennig / Berlin 2016