Yoga Resources

We are all learners, all the time. If we can see the world from this perspective we never end up in the judgers pit but are ready to observe, retain and recreate. It’s important to me that you find you are at ease with your practice. Therefore I created these videos.
As you know from classes, my main concern is that you begin to develop self-trust and therefore you can use these videos as a stepping stone to learn and retain, but not to blindly follow and consume only.

One more request: If you liked the videos, help me to create more wonderful content that you can use to build your self-observation and self-practice. Already a small €0,99 donation will help to pay the studio, artists involved and keep growing this library for you.

Short Warm-up for Experts


Extended Warm-Up

Restore and Revive

Shortform Karttikeya Mandalam

Grounding form