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An Assuring Cleanse Kit

What we guarantee
THIS KIT has been gently taken from our hand made limited stock of blended spices, with sterilised, contamination-free gloves and placed into the finest pouches and bottles we could find in this universe.
A team of skilled Ayurvedic chefs inspected and tested all ingredients before putting them together in these handcrafted gold-lined pouches.
It’s also an invitation to join a supportive community of women that have gone through the same phases as you did. They’re ready to welcome you and give you golden sprinkles of support, advice, and motivation, so you get to the Best You as soon as possible. Are you ready to meet them?
You don’t have to leave your home at all!
The program is 100% online. You can self assess, learn and test your growth Module by Module.

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SHE Returns

SHE Returns stands for Simple Health Ease – Returns.
It helps you to transition. And it is a quest and an adventure.
Four weeks.

Hours of material that you can use at your leisure.

Your light at the end of the tunnel that will escort you back to your vitality, bring a refreshing kick of resilience to your immune system, and tune your mind and soul to the rhythm of your body.
Ancestral Healing Package

Ever wonder how to actual ritual to reconnect, heal and move forward with the ancestors as support?

This three-session package offers you to