Benjamin Joon – Building Consciousness from Experience and Learning

Wisdom is knowing what’s worth understanding, understanding the value of ideas, and always placing knowing in the context of not knowing–seeing the limits of knowledge and our understanding.

From the wisdom of our deep consciousness, we can understand what is needed to experience deep happiness. We can learn to free ourselves from unwholesome thoughts, to sense our bodies, and to feel our emotions mindfully. We can find ways to broaden our consciousness, to live authentically, to be free from anxiety, to be in love.

In this podcast, Benjamin Joon shares his life journey from South Korea to Germany. He shares his struggle being different from others and being an orphan, along with his good and bad experience in his childhood. Benjamin lets us into his spiritual journey through his experience and the challenges throughout his journey being a coach, a teacher, and a father.

To Benjamin, spiritual experience often produce ideal outcomes and blessings, but the most memorable ones come during unfortunate incidents.

Regardless of whether you have a religious affiliation or have no spirituality at all, it will not keep you from spiritual experience. They happen to everyone, and some of the people are attuned to them while others are not. There is no baseline as to who gets to experience them. Sometimes they are the product of something positive, although being in the darkness often results in the biggest spiritual experiences of them all.

Benjamin Joon believes that integral learning is based on four pillars: studying, practicing, serving, and playing.

Benjamin is currently a student of Bettina Romhardt / Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and Shai Tubali, and Tamar Brosh in Chakra Psychology. Benjamin is participating continuously in seminars and retreats for further education.

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Podcast Highlights

  • 2:36-4:52 – Moving Life to Germany from Korea
  • 6:46-9:37-  All Kinds of Complexes
  • 10:30 – 13:41- Spiritual Experiences
  • 27:53 – 29:35 – Faking
  • 31:03-36:07-  Challenge being a Father
  • 37:53- 39:30 – Personal Insights

Pocket Quotes

  • “Suffering is part of life which is very difficult to understand. Sometimes we ask why we suffer and shouldn’t life be beautiful.” – Alexandra Kreis
  • “There’s nothing wrong with faking if you are not only clinging to faking.” – Benjamin Joon
  • “Solution is the way of joy and that you feel motivated by your own deep joy to practice.” – Benjamin Joon
  • “Practice is for anyone, not only for monks but also for overwhelmed fathers.” – Benjamin Joon 
  • “Perfect circumstances are not the goal. It’s the way we create these circumstances in our lives.” – Benjamin Joon

Guest Bio

Benjamin was born in South Korea in 1977. He lived from 1980-1981 as an orphan in Suwon and was adopted from a German family in 1981. Benjamin moved to Berlin in 2000 and started his own business as a creative project developer, film and advertising actor, and minimal house DJ. In 2004, Benjamin began to study the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Geshe Michael Roach and Hong Thay Lee. He was co-founder of PAPPA E CICCIA (Organic Restaurant & Catering) and NEXT ORGANIC (Trade Fair for Organic and Slow Food Trends). Since 2013 Benjamin offers the integral movement training “Movement Play” and in 2015 he started with the Integral Life Coaching.

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