Dale Tobin – Heal and Rebuild through Psychic Surgery

Everything in this Universe is made up of energy. Everything is made up of atoms and each atom has a vibration.

The human aura has an energy field that surrounds our physical body and extends outwards. What we say, think, or feel affects our aura, our energy field.

Psychic Surgery is holding space for people and being able to scan their energy field and look into their energy, aura, and spirit. It takes bits that need to be taken out and adds in bits of light that need to be added.

Angelic Reiki helps enhance and balance all aspects of your life and total transformation. It helps shift mental, emotional, and spiritual stagnation and strengthens self-esteem.

One of its most well-known benefits is achieving a higher level of mental focus and clarity so you can see yourself, your life, and your path more clearly. It improves your sleep, energizes your body, and eases stress-related conditions. It gives you an even greater awareness of your connection to the Divine, raises your vibration so that you feel good and well and thus, heightens intuition. It helps you to feel loved, supported, and guided—to be able to see the magic and beauty not only in life but most importantly in yourself.

Nowadays, we all need spiritual healing because of this pandemic. But how do we heal in this modern-day? What will tomorrow be like? Psychic Surgeon Dale Tobin will help you understand and trust this kind of healing process.

Through relaxation and guided regression, we can connect more deeply with ourselves, uncover remarkable details about our habits, release unwanted patterns and behavior, and explore the subconscious to feel more free, light, peaceful, and happy.


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Podcast Highlights

  • 01:42:6:11Psychic Surgery
  • 10:00-12:32 Understanding and trusting a Psychic Surgeon
  • 16:06-21:24 Psychic Surgery Session
  • 22:01-23:50  How Dale started teaching Reiki
  • 26:58-29:55   Maintaining Core Energy
  • 30:23-32:06  Words of advice from Dale

Pocket Quotes

  • Dale Tobin
  • “It’s not actually me doing the work. It’s them finding their own light and sovereignty. I’m just there to help them to realize that they can do it.” – Dale Tobin
  • “What keeps me trusting is the understanding that we are controlled in our reality. The healing path has helped me regain myself. It’s all about the self-work.” – Dale Tobin
  • “I am a human, a three-dimensional human as well as an infinite human. I have to be here experiencing this reality to keep me being one.” – Dale Tobin
  • “There is a big reason behind what’s going on in the earth at the moment and that’s leading people to disconnect from the busy life. Always remember you can do something with a pen even if you don’t have any money. There’s always a way to find happiness.” – Dale Tobin

Guest Bio

Dale Tobin is a psychic surgery practitioner & spiritual teacher. Host of a healing show called talking stick show. Also, he is trained in Hypnotherapy & Reiki and co-founder of the angelic reiki system. Dale applies a shamanic approach to healing work. He studied Native American healing process and worked with many other healing modalities

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