Gianna Shamone – The Birth of a Writer

This episode takes us to Gianna’s extraordinary journey into becoming a writer and writing her book.

Gianna Shamone had always been in the creative industry as an artist manager for musicians. Her interest in understanding poetry and lyrics was her foundation for building effective collaboration with artists she works with. But she didn’t know that this deeply lying passion inside her all along could be a craft on its own.

The writing was always a part of Gianna, from writing short stories as an elementary school student to journaling—she knew she wanted to write. But she never really trusted that her writing could interest others until people around her repeatedly tried to convince her that it’s her purpose: help in people’s healing through her poetry around life and feelings.

Her newly-released book, Finding Me, now available in many different stores worldwide, came to be as Gianna worked on herself. It was birthed by overcoming a lot of her fears and courageously diving deeper into her inner world and letting it come out.

Not until receiving endless people’s positive feedbacks on her poetry captions for her photos (another craft of hers!) posted on Instagram and that final push from the tarot card reading after a Reiki session in New York just before the world shutdown from Covid19, Gianna never had it in her cosmos of possibilities that she was good enough to be read by the whole world.

Her journey and this intimately honest conversation are out to inspire listeners to pursue their passion. One’s life purpose, or dharma, doesn’t have to occur to you in a grandiose moment; sometimes, it just starts with an interest you have kept in the bay for so long and never really let to flourish and take you on. Let it flow let it take you!

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Podcast Highlights

  • Being an artist manager, I was there to represent their art. But being a writer of my own, I am transitioning to being an artist and representing myself. – Gianna Shamone 
  • Many people are not aware that the thing most natural to us is actually our biggest gift. Our life purpose, or dharma, really comes through the easiest methods. – Alexandra Kreis 
  • We need to be aware that life is super simple. At the end of the day, it’s all about practicing life. – Alexandra Kreis 
  • As soon as there is the want of writing, then a writer is born. If something interests you, then that’s supposed to be a part of you in this lifetime. – Gianna Shamone 
  • Learn to have the confidence of just doing it. We are all able to write because we are all able to communicate. It’s just when we start overthinking that it blocks us to actually do it. – Gianna Shamone 

Guest Bio

Gianna Shamone is a berlin-based author who writes poetry mainly about her own live-journey, empowerment, and womanhood. She is also a self-taught, photographer, and music video/short movie director, who fuses these skills in her shoots. She mostly uses analog cameras to capture her photos, which combines nostalgia feelings and today’s aesthetics in a soothing way. When it comes to directing, she totally relies on her visual mind and her general emotional being. Her focus lies in working with artists in the music field, whether it’s in the studio or in front of stages.

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