Jator Pierre – No pain, no gain? Holistic health approach tells you otherwise!

Holistic health is about caring for the whole person and providing for their physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. It’s rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health, and being unwell in one aspect affects you in others.

In this podcast, Jator Pierre and Alexandra Kreis talk about holistic health.

Jator Pierre is an eternal seeker, vlogger, comic-obsessed hockey player, and lifestyle and wellness, coach. Fifteen years into seeking health and wellness, Jator discovered and professionalized numerous self-growth and development tools which he uses to reveal the inner power within each of his clients.

Jator, like many of us, had his own struggles, so his practice has a highly personal and integrative approach. His clients often find themselves examining, discovering, and understanding not only how their bodies function and respond but how each one of their physical symptoms correlates to emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages.

Through his podcast, he shares about Holistic Health Coaching and how holistic exercises help in healing. Jator also discusses the fear of death and how we should overcome it.

People usually think exercise has to be physically and mentally taxing to be beneficial—“No pain, no gain,” we’d say. It is true to some extent, but it has been treated as dogma, and as a result, people approach exercise as entirely physical, sometimes even masochistic.

It’s not all wrong but exercise, and getting fit and healthy does not need to be painful. Isn’t the ultimate goal of this is to feel good?

Holistic exercise takes the opposite approach, employing workout techniques that keep the body fit while contributing to a sense of relaxation and spiritual balance. Yoga, for one, and other holistic exercise offers countless benefits without the self-punishment too often associated with physical fitness. Learn more about it from Jator and Alex here at Outer Travel, Inner Journey!

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Podcast Highlights

  • 1:40- 4:14 – How Jator Pierre became a Holistic Health Coach
  • 5:11 – 6:00- The Fear of Death
  • 6:31- 9:38 – Teaching and Facilitating Method
  • 17:06 – 23:38 – Shameful and Fearful
  • 26:32 – 29:50 – Light Chaser
  • 32:32 – 38:18 –  One Strange Planet
  • 40:17- 43:59 – Holistic Health Coaching

Pocket Quotes

  • “I won’t be myself, so other people can like me.” – Jator Pierre
  • “Looking into the light is also blinding. When I’m outside, out in the world and the darkest places where there are no lights, I get to see the brightest stars.” –  Jator Pierre
  • “If we don’t see the purpose to our life, you know then there is no purpose and we all start chasing one”- Alexandra Kreis
  • “It’s really beautiful work getting to know ourselves in the presence of others, to create a space where we’re learning to have permission to feel, express and be ourselves again.”- Jator Pierre
  • “One of the most spiritual things we can do is not to be a step rug but learn how to represent ourselves and how to set healthy limits and boundaries and be honest.” – Jator Pierre

Guest Bio

Jator Pierre is an eternal seeker, vlogger, comic-obsessed hockey player, and lifestyle & wellness coach at wehlc.com. His specialty areas are Holistic Emotional Coaching, Digestive Disorders, Weight Loss / Obesity, Diabetes / Blood Sugar Regulation, Acne / Skin Conditions, Stress management, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.


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