Monica Biasiolo – Divorce and Identity

Concepts of family, union, and separation are still very much entangled in different cultural values. In many places in the world, we have come to some degree of common understanding, but in some places, it remains to be a conversation that’s difficult to navigate, causing it to be painful for those who go through it.

In this podcast, Monica Biasiolo shares her life experiences, marriage, and divorce. Going through the often difficult and painful process of divorce took a toll on her health. After the divorce there was negative energy, shame, intense emotions—her internal self in complete disharmony!

This was a wake-up call for Monica.

Monica is a certified Yoga Health Coach giving back to the Yoga healer community. She lived as an ex-pat for decades and is now a certified mindfulness teacher.

Realizing that taking back her health is about taking back her power in driving her own life, Monica shares how she strived to shift from victim mode to an empowered decision-maker in her life. From being in the passenger’s seat to driving change and purpose in her life and other people’s.

Her wisdom and practical tips are coming first-hand from her journey of changing habits for her health, transitioning from being a student to a mentor, and finally leading her own health coaching business.
Monica believes difficult journeys can be done with ease and that anyone can start healing themselves and find their dharma while they are at it.

Catch this deeply relatable and inspiring conversation with Monica!


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Podcast Highlights

  • 8:04-9:23 – Shaming and Blaming
  • 11:01-12:37 –  Body’s Wake Up Call
  • 13:15-18:06 – Signs of Disempowerment
  • 19:36-23:56 – Moving Forward and Forgiveness
  • 29:52-31:48 – Reflections

Pocket Quotes

  • “It’s too early to leave. It’s better that I do something and change something.” – Monica Biasiolo
  • “I have the power of choice and I choose to empower another person.” -Monica Biasiolo
  • “We are not here in this world because we need to. We are here in this life, in this journey because we are meant to be.” – Monica Biasiolo
  • “You can change the nose of the ship ever so slightly and it will bring you into a totally different direction.” – Alexandra Kreis 
  • “Look at a beautiful flower, even if it’s a tiny one on the rough side. It has that bright color and it’s beautiful . You look at it and you see perfection—you’ll see that it is also you. We are part of the whole.” – Monica Biasiolo

Guest Bio

Monica is a certified Yoga Health Coach who loves to give back to the Yoga healer community. She is also a Forrest Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and a Certified Living Ayurveda, Yoga healer, USA, and  Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Shamash Alidina, UK. She recently moved back to her hometown in Rome after living as an expat for 20 years in four continents.

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