Harnessing Sexual Energy to Align One’s Self – Carole Piriou

What we do in our day-to-day lives circles around how society has shaped our thoughts, priorities, and where we should put our energy into. Women, in particular, are expected to be mothers, homemakers, wives, and breadwinners, without considering their genuine wants and deep desires.

In this episode, our guest will talk about how we can start living the fulfilled lives that we envision by being attuned to what our body needs and harnessing our sexual energy and power toward self-alignment and actualization.

Carole Piriou, the founder of The Wisdom of Desire, is a mother, a wife, and a life coach. She is a French mother of twin girls living with her husband and his twin sons in the Netherlands.

Women in a similar situation may be overwhelmed, having to manage a full household and a job. Society sets expectations on the role of women at home that acting on their creative endeavors and deepest desires are almost always put in the backseat. In the process, women lose themselves, the feeling of being alive and desired, which forces them to live draining and unfulfilling lives.

Carole supports women who want to overcome that kind of life by helping them release the pain and tension they have from within and reconnect with their passion. She shares that women should align themselves with their inner guidance – be in the moment and listen to their bodies, especially in their pelvic area. It may be deemed taboo to society, but women should not be ashamed of freeing themselves and harnessing their sexual powers and desires. Sexuality, sensuality, and wanting the feeling of being desired is not confined to a certain age, look, or body type. For her, fulfilling these wants will help the head and heart be aligned and let energy in the body flow more naturally.

Sex and sexuality are a part of self-empowerment. Carole works with women to heal from trauma and find their pleasure again. She helps women rewire and re-sensitize the nervous system, identify what is pleasurable for them and the amount of power they have in their bodies. In doing so, women can redirect and focus their energy on their specific goals and desires. Carole guides women in finding the balance between wanting to do something and acting on it. Not trying to conform to society and valuing oneself and passions will ultimately boost one’s confidence, creativity and revitalize their life.


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Pocket Quotes

  • All of us are trying to find what really is our purpose and what really keeps us aligned, and there’s a lot of healing to be done on that part, first of all, questioning the expectation we put on ourselves, about what we should do and what we should achieve. Working with sexuality and sensuality is coming back to the very primal source of ecstasy and bliss, and rediscovering your body as a source of endless pleasure. – Carole Piriou
  • We come from a society that for centuries has been unsafe for women to tap into that (sexual) power. How do we repress that in ourselves? Body shame, body hatred, we take too long in bed, we have too much in our heads, we’re broken, orgasms are not for us, we give up on ourselves. We develop this numbness towards this part of ourselves because it’s painful to feel all of that. We internalize it as our own fault like we are broken. – Carole Piriou
  • As long as we have shame, fear, and guilt with a really important part of our body and our being, it mirrors in other areas of our life: how confident you are in your job, in being intimate with not only your partner or yourself, but with the world, with reality. The level of you being comfortable with reality is affected with how intimate you can be with yourself. – Carole Piriou
  • There is a balance between doing and being. And when they are in sync, it’s really beautiful to go and do things in the world and go make impact. – Carole Piriou
  • You are not broken, you have so much aliveness in you. We all have this inside of us, we all have this power, this confidence, this pleasure. It takes some work to release all of these, but it’s possible for everyone. And life on the other side is amazing. – Carole Piriou

Guest Bio

EnergyCarole Piriou is the founder of The Wisdom of Desire established in 2021. She works one on one with women to restore their desire, aliveness and creativity. Part of her work is to reconnect them with their sexual energy, pleasure, and orgasms. She goes to the root of the problem and creates more bliss for women. She studied sexuality coaching with Layla Martin for 6 years and also uses jade eggs in her coaching. She loves to learn continuously to gain mastery on her craft. She is French but has been living in the Netherlands for 15 years with her family.

Elise Marie Collins – Becoming a Super Ager

This podcast with Elise Marie Collins, author of the best-selling book, Super Ager, is admittedly a conversation like going through uncharted waters for our host, Alexandra. But having so much to share as both yoga health coaches and many deep values as Ayurvedic practitioners just made this talk flawlessly eye-opening and inspiring. Especially while tackling the topic of aging! (And mind you, not only aging but “super” aging.) 

Elise, a yoga health coach, and a gerontologist have also written two other books—Chakra Tonics and An A to Z Guide to Healing Foods. Her work was inspired mainly by her practice, her quest for healthier choices for her son, and her passion for helping people live a longer and fuller life. 

To her, writing these books, and eventually, Super Ager is like passing on the wisdom of Ayurveda and an expression of her love and respect for older adults and admiration for the habits that made them thrive and become centenarians. 

This conversation navigated through some very important notions (and misconceptions) about getting old and old age itself as that part of our lives, igniting appreciation and respect for older adults, their wisdom, and the very wisdom behind what got them to this now-precious stage of life. 

Walking us through gerontology (the study of aging) and how it is so much like the Western Ayurveda for its multidisciplinary nature, to the fun facts about Blue Zones, you are sure to pick up gems of lessons you’ll want to implement in your life as soon as possible. Because for centenarians, everything that got them to live up to a hundred started at birth. 

Elise also touched on breaking down some common misconceptions, or views, and attitudes towards people of old age. She explains how pervasive individualistic culture made us think that older people are useless. Looking at the form, the fire element (the competition), and just what we see on the surface, makes us think that older people are useless. But centenarians are precious because they tell stories of the life they’ve seen and history. And learning from their habits tells us tons about living a full, more satisfying, and happy life. 

And these stories of older adults is such a fountain of new possibilities and hope! 

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Podcast Highlights  

  • To becoming a super ager, being supported by family, friends and a community is more powerful than anything else. Social connections are huge. And people want to be around you when you have positive thinking and mindset. – Elise Marie Collins 
  • In the modern era, we could set up an environment that could be like a blue zone. We don’t necessarily have to isolate ourselves to become a super ager, but we could set things up where we’re supporting each other. – Elise Marie Collins 
  • Not everybody wants to live a long life. But the habits that lead to living a long life are usually those that help you live a full life, a more satisfying and happy life. – Elise Marie Collins 
  • They have nothing to chase. All there is to do is to be. Just be. Just see what’s coming your way. – Alexandra Kreis 
  • We make these supportive interconnections if we open ourselves up to the vulnerabilities of life. The more people keeping our minds uplifted and supported, the more we can look at a healthy, thriving life over the next decades. – Alexandra Kreis 

Guest Bio 

Elise Marie Collins is the author of three books on holistic health: Chakra Tonics, Essential Elixirs for Mind, Body and Spirit and An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods, A Shoppers