Tapping the Creative – Tesz Milan

Creativity is a soulful expression. A spiritual practice, even.

We’ve seen or heard it in visual arts, music, and songs, even in dance. For many centuries, people have used the creative to express spirituality, faith, and belief. It was actually through this that it was passed on to the succeeding generations.

When I encountered this episode’s guest, Tesz Milan, she had left singing for over a decade but she had just finally come into owning that she was creative.

To Tesz, being a creative director for other businesses is very much like a musical—you have a story that you’re telling as a singer and you’re creating that story for others. It was her way of connecting to all of what’s unseen. And she’s using her creative output as a way of drawing that energy and creating things for others to feel that for themselves in whatever shape that is in their lives.

In this podcast, we give light to the realities and practicalities of and around the artistic expression. Behind every awe-inspiring act, work, or sound is a whole being poured in in the process of its creation.

Tesz narrates how at the beginning, when she was starting off as a singer, difficult conversations about compensation and the struggle of finding a balance between that and cultivating the creative.

In places like finance or medicine or these more easily understood professions, we have a concept as a society of how we’re going to compensate for those services, whereas for artists, it’s so tough. So one has to know what they’re going into when venturing to art and the creative as a full-time commitment–it takes a lot of time, energy, perseverance, and courage to continue doing what artists do and not get paid right away.

And as an artist, especially with as quickly as digital has taken over our world in the way that we express and communicate our artistic and creative abilities, putting oneself out there to connect with others has been both challenging and exciting at the same time.

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Pocket Quotes

  • Let me listen to your message. I bridge what you’re trying to communicate to your audience to who you are and what it is that they want and need in their lives. – Tesz Milan
  • Every time I’m being creative, it is a spiritual practice. It’s something that I do to feel connected to all of what’s unseen. And I’m using myself and using my creative output as a way of drawing that energy and creating things for others to feel that for themselves in whatever shape that is in their lives. – Tesz Milan
  • It’s so easy to have dreams and visions, but it’s very hard to bring them into this world and stimulate the subconscious. There’s always a sense that if I say my mantra often enough, I probably am going to get it. But it takes real action to get things down. – Tesz Milan
  • Music is a part of our spiritual makeup or our spiritual being. – Tesz Milan
  • The easiest way for me to feel discouraged is when I don’t feel like what I’m doing is actually reaching anybody. – Tesz Milan

Guest Bio

Tesz Milan, formerly a singer and performer, is a Creative Marketing Director and Copywriter. Her creativity helps businesses communicate their purpose and the value they bring to the world.