Conor Creighton – Meditation: A Deep Dive into the Self

Meditation: Often, we think of it as a practice that uses techniques such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state.

It has been scientifically proven that it reduces stress and anxiety. It also promotes emotional health and awareness. The meditation practice during this pandemic has the potential to complement treatment and is a low-cost beneficial method of providing support with anxiety for all.

Conor Creighton, an Irish meditation teacher, and award-winning journalist has a lot to teach us on that!

He came to it in 2012 and quickly became immersed in the study of mindfulness, and vipassana meditation. He trained in India with the Dalai Lama, and at the Redwood Institute in San Francisco. He has sat several long retreats and studied a number of meditation types. Conor’s teaching is a cross-pollination of ancient techniques and contemporary wisdom. He teaches courses throughout Ireland, from art studios to prison yards.

In this podcast, Conor talks about how can it help you change and grow as a person. Explore mindfulness meditation techniques that allow you to understand your mind, diffuse stress, and release tension so you can lead, create and perform at your best. This is ideal for people who don’t think they can meditate.

Learn how to change bad habits, focus the mind and set intentions. Meditation—particularly Conor’s course—has been praised to foster better self-awareness, stronger emotional intelligence, and a bag of happiness hacks to help survive modern life.

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Podcast Highlights

  • 02:29-6:51 –  How Meditation changed Conor’s life
  • 10:59-16:27 – 10 days of Meditation
  • 23:53-28:30-  – Success in Meditation
  • 29:03-36:22 –  Teaching Meditation

Pocket Quotes

  • “Meditation opened me to find ways, find identities where I would finally feel some sense of contentment within myself.” – Conor Creighton
  • “When you start to meditate, you activate your empathy and inspire a certain compassion in a person.” –  Conor Creighton
  • “Don’t confuse the telescope for the stars.” –  Conor Creighton
  • “The knowledge of meditation will not help you but the experience of it will transform your life. “ –  Conor Creighton
  • “The joy and happiness that we are looking outside is actually inside.” Conor Creighton

Guest Bio

MeditationConor is a down-to-earth teacher, and a natural storyteller, a skill he learned in part from his many years as a writer, but also as a bartender. He is based in Berlin and Dublin. 

Author, journalist, coach, and meditation teacher. Conor Creighton has been traveling the globe as a reporter, a motivational speaker, and a meditation teacher for nearly twenty years. 

Conor is the author of two books and has been published in the Guardian, the Irish Times, and Vice Magazine. He’s won the Irish Travel Journalist of the Year Award, the Gwaertler Foundation Award, and the Simon Cumbers Media Fund on three occasions.