Amanda Rose – Insightful Sex Education

We’re back in the house with Amanda Rose – to enlighten us on this topic that we don’t necessarily find easy to talk about in other spaces.

Sex education is meant to lead us to great sex, a better understanding of ourselves, and a deeper connection with our partners.

When you know and understand your body, you can communicate to your partner easily and thus increase satisfaction. And that builds confidence in each and a strong bond between them.

Amanda Rose talks about these in our two-part episode with her.

The types of Erotic Blueprints and learning your erotic language to express what turns you on and turns you off are some of the keys she’s sharing to open the doors to sexual pleasure for your partner and from your partner.

With no holds barred, Amanda continues to take us on in this enlightening conversation about how we can discover our own language, better understand a partner’s language, and how to use this road map to embrace and fulfill our desires. And to actually free ourselves!

Amanda also shares some of her expert knowledge on kinds of orgasm and playing the gender role. Understanding that pleasure can come from within or without, there’s an exciting way ahead—a wonderful journey—that you and your partner can traverse together or separately. And you’ll get heaps of advice from here!

As a certified and experienced sex educator, she’s has helped many couples figure out problems in their relationship and we’re lucky to have her bravely share her work with us in this podcast!

This is an important conversation you don’t want to miss!

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Podcast Highlights

  • 3:11-4:14 – Internal Pleasure and Erotic Blueprints
  • 5:54-9:11- Gender Roles and Orgasm
  • 10:47-11:26 – Shame of Orgasm
  • 20:56-21:51 – Sex and Religion
  • 22:06-23:44 – Sex Education
  • 26:03-27:34 – Pleasure Responsibility
  • 30:07 -30:44 – Pleasure and Respect
  • 33:28:34:04 – Sex and our Nervous System

Pocket Quotes

  • “There’s so much focus on orgasm as the ultimate goal and we are so fixated on that in our heads that we miss the rest of what’s going on.” – Amanda Rose
  • “When you take the goal off the table, there’s all this pressure that goes away.” – Amanda Rose
  • “Shame isn’t attached to orgasm, it’s just the shame that lives in our body. When you open yourself up and to be seen and maybe some of that gets triggered.” – Amanda Rose
  • “Be fully present and alive. If I’m fully present and consciously alive and feeling what’s happening in my body and what’s happening around me, that to me feels orgasmic. It feels like I’m fully expanded.” – Amanda Rose 
  • “I turn to sex but sex is god, sex is creation and it’s my version of god.” – Amanda Rose

Guest Bio

Amanda Rose is a certified and experienced sex educator. She has been privileged enough to help many couples figure out problems in their love lives. Coach and long time doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She works with people who want to bring more pleasure, excitement and self expression into their lives. Amanda is here to help you remember who you are, and to remind you of the magic words “pleasure, consent, sovereignty and communication.”