Positive Influence Of Retreat vs Holiday

Retreats are meant to encourage healing and self-discovery by focusing your attention inwards, calming your senses and clearing your mind. A holiday does the opposite. It encourages you to open all your senses to experience the world and leaves your mind busy processing all you’ve seen.

Listen to me and Ulli discuss what it means to have a meaningful traveling experience. In this episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey. We will discuss what’s the difference between holidays and retreats based on our personal experiences. And hopefully it will guide you in pursuing experiences that can enrich your inner self.

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Pocket Quotes

  • “In retreats, I’m forced to sit for hours and hours without doing anything and have some spiritual talks and it goes so deep that even for weeks after I see the results and I see the positive influence it has in my life. Whereas holidays, it’s good, it’s wonderful to relax and don’t have to be in the daily chores. But on the other hand, also I’d like to do my job so sometimes I think do I really need holidays?” – Ulli Helmstetter
  • “Self-care retreats are time where you take time to go deep and use methods to be really clear with yourself.” – Alexandra Kreis