Fierce Young Female Poet Finds a Way to Speak Like Rumi

Introducing fierce young poet in Women’s Month! And what other fantastic way to start a new season at this time than to celebrate the different feminine and feminist contributions of women (and alike) in our quest for identity, truth, and ingenuity.

This episode’s guest echoes what I had in mind when I first started this journey: Women need to be heard.

And like me, she also felt we can have a hard time finding our voices through in this current conundrum of truth, self, and soul-search.

You would relate to Chelan Harkin, author—Of the Mystic Poet behind Susceptible to Light, on a lot of different things:

Before she published her book, she had a mountain of limiting assumptions and fears including assuming that poetry by a male voice would be more respected. But into the depth of our mess—fears, limiting beliefs, anxiousness—a journey to her truth evolved this ecstatic mystical poet.

A passion project, no matter how much you loved the idea, will never come to fruition without action. Chelan had been wanting to publish for years, not consciously knowing she was waiting for her fairy godmother to discover her and birth her unto the world. But when she finally brought herself to it and out the mystical poet in her: it just took her THREE sweeping weeks!

The paralysis of perfection and this idea of binaries—same as in the analogy of sexual and gender binary—make us so limited. It’s either right or wrong, success or failure, now or never.

Key takeaways: we can start where we are when it comes to sharing our gifts and desires. There’s beauty in sharing things when they’re in the process; before they get completely all tidied up. Because even then, it starts to evolve our gift because we start to get feedback and be in a relationship with it.

Do not wait too much. We do not have to wait to start gifting them to the world until they’re perfect. BEGIN NOW.

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Pocket Quotes

  • When we open our eyes, the inner experience and what we share with others become more aligned. That became my path into my essential self—my inherent light. – Chelan Harkin
  • We don’t have the answers. But you probably have noticed the truth because it was sometimes just a pain in the pit of your stomach. That’s how I know I’m hearing the truth for myself: when somebody speaks to deep truth, it comes from a state of being in integrity with emotions.  – Chelan Harkin
  • To be truthful is to be really responsible for ourselves. – Alexandra Kreis
  • With hypnotherapy, I had this new connection with poetry. It put my whole system, my whole being in a state of such profound safety and relaxation that my consciousness was able to sink down. – Chelan Harkin
  • Play creative. Be creative. If it comes from your own truth, it will come through.  – Alexandra Kreis

Guest Bio

PoetChelan Harkin grew up in the Columbia River Gorge and it was here that she first fell in love with creative writing. She has been writing poetry for over a decade and in 2020 she published her first book of poetry “Susceptible to Light” a collection of her best poems from her early teens and twenties. Her work is highly influenced by other mystical poets including Hafiz and Rumi and has reached an international audience on a scale she called ‘beyond her wildest dreams’. (Cole Goodwin)