Kerstin & Astrid Walsh – Three Musketeers

Blood is thicker than water, they say. I think this goes especially for the bond we share with our family, like the unconditional love of our parents, or the friendship of our siblings.

So for those who have, we’re lucky to have siblings—we just don’t realize it.

Even more than the friends or parents, siblings have been right by our sides through the awkward, embarrassing, joyous, and miserable times of our lives. Siblings are our first friends.

But relationships between siblings can be complicated, especially in childhood.

Remember fighting over your toy or favorite costume. We fight and argue but at the end of the day, we laugh with them over dad’s jokes or our favorite cartoon.

Also, there will be points when we believe them to be our biggest rivals. But we feel the proudest for them nevertheless.

This episode’s guests, Kerstin and Astrid Walsh have stories we can relate so much with. And they’re twins! The bond and friendship they share is truly inspiring. And like most of us, it’s not all flowers and fairies. They had their challenges, reflections about time and space, the life we’re living in, our communities, and more! But the understanding they share even of the differences is something we can all learn from.

It is always great to have friends you can go out with, get drinks with and do things with. But it’s important to have friends you can actually connect with.

And most importantly, friendship—even among siblings—is about growing together and apart.

A truly inspirational conversation!

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Podcast Highlights

  • 6:19 -9:12 –  Being Twins and Friends
  • 13:32-15:12 – Kinds of Friendship
  • 15:55-20:05 – Changes for Being Apart Together
  • 20:26-28:42 – Quantity or Quality of Friendship
  • 32:47-35:47 – Idea of the Musketeers and Friendship
  • 42:42-46:20 – Where do I belong?
  • 48:00-49:15 – Astrid Little Metaphor

Pocket Quotes

  • “Weather conditions will get more unpredictable, everything gets a little bit more wobbly and unstable, but we’re going to have to look after each other.” – Kerstin Walsh
  • “We all strive to be able to be independent and look after ourselves.” – Kerstin Walsh
  • “Just being together has been a kind of support, even when we’re not speaking or doing anything.” – Astrid Walsh
  • “Belonging is not only something that we feel we can have a place in this world but also with people seeing us in this world, recognizing us and affirming our status of life.” Alexandra Kreis
  • “Time and space are key elements for creating friendships.” – Kerstin Walsh

Guest Bio

Kerstin Walsh is an artist born in Meppen, Germany in 1976 and later lived in Germany. Together with her twin sister Astrid, also an artist, she explored the world, collecting a BA in English Literature and Sociology (University College Dublin 1998), a HDip in Social Policy (2002) and a Masters in Social Work (2005) University College Cork.


Astrid Walsh is an amazing visual artist from Ireland. She has done numerous individual and collaborative exhibitions across the country and received awards and recognitions for her work. She first started her healing journey and discovered Ayurveda when she was undergoing treatment for Lyme disease in 2003.