Natasha Nandini – Grief is Unspent Love

Grief is a natural response to loss.

It can be overwhelming because suddenly, you have no one or nowhere to devote your affection to. What used to be positive energy flowing out of the emotions of love, the joy of being with a person dear to you, and just the presence of that person, have nowhere to go. Because suddenly, there’s a void, a black hole that doesn’t vanish. Suddenly, no receiver could potentially return the same energy we give.

The pain of grief can disrupt your physical health, your inner harmony, and your life.

In this podcast, our guest Natasha Nandini, who has been studying yoga, Indian classical dance, and Indian classical vocal as methods to cultivate the self, is back with us to continue our discovery of ourselves through our sound. 

She has taught both sound and yoga worldwide. But during this pandemic, Natasha lost someone she loved and here, she shares about grief and coping with the situation. 

Opening herself up after pain and healing is a gift of sharing.

In many cultures, grieving is facilitated by rituals for the bereaved person to connect with their lost loved one. These rituals help people to experience and manage challenging emotions, understand and accept their grief, and establish a connection to their memories of the lost person. 

But grieving during this pandemic has been enormously different and overwhelming. The losses are immense and yet the chance to absorb the moment is cut short, for many. Movement restrictions and health protocols meant some people have been unable to travel and to be with loved ones at the end of their lives, or to attend their funeral.

But then, a loss is a loss. There is no “normal” time period nor a proper way for someone to grieve.

Capture Natasha’s wisdom on grief, loss, and finding back that presence on this episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey.


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Podcast Highlights

  • 10:41-14:01 – Singing Practice
  • 19:09-20:31 – Dark Hole
  • 21:10-24:16 – Losing Someone
  • 26:23 -27:18 – Grieving
  • 27:24-29:36 – Hindu Tradition and Rituals
  • 39:33 -40:33 – Feeling the pain and grieving
  • 40:52 -42:29 – Formula to Grieve
  • 57:2 -59:23 – Nobody knows when grieving is over

Pocket Quotes

  • “Mind is stable and everything is free.” – Natasha Nandini
  • “We have to say goodbye to certain things so that we can say hello to new things.” – Natasha Nandini
  • “If you lose something, it’s natural law for that to be replaced.” -Natasha Nandini
  • “You only ever focus on the beautiful things about that person and your memories.” – Natasha Nandini
  • “Nobody knows when grieving is over.” – Natasha Nandini

Guest Bio

Natasha Nandini has been studying yoga, Indian classical dance and Indian classical vocal as methods to cultivate the self. She is now living and teaching in London (and online) but she has been traveling to India for the last 20 years to deepen her studies and to host sacred tours. The tour is a window into the lives of the local people and their practices. Her yoga focuses on building strength and postural corrections by working through from the feet up.