Ayse Dayi – A Refined Advocate For Women’s Health


Ayse Dayi is an academic and meditation teacher who has been living in Berlin for a year. In her academic work, she researches, teaches and conducts activism around women’s health and sexuality, on unnecessary medicalization of women’s reproductive services (in gynecological care including gyn visits, abortion, birth control and birth) and neoliberal health policies.

She has encountered Tai Chi and qiqong for the first time in the U.S in late 1990s, and has fallen in love with the practice. Since then, she has been practicing and learning it. In Berlin, she attends WDP (Wudang Deutschland https://www.wudang-deutschland.de), a wonderful school of internal martial arts, which has excellent teachers and a community of practitioners. She also holds a sitting meditation practice, following Thitch Nhat Hahn’s Plum Village tradition and integrating Taoist qiqong practices and learnings from other teachers. Ayse teaches meditation on Sundays at the Internationales Begegnungszentrums der Wissenschaft (IBZ) to a wonderful group of international scholars and their family and whoever joins from outside. The classes are in English and Turkish. http://www.ibz-berlin.org. She hopes to work with children and educators on mindfulness as well.

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