Jutta Patis – Traveling is Discovering the World and the Self


In this podcast, a yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle junkie who intelligently incorporates her practice to her unrelated business shares her extraordinary journey to discovering her practice and lifestyle.

Meet Jutta Patis. She discovered her identity while traveling and exploring the world– on her own!

At 13, her parents, who were so protective, but also wanted Jutta to explore the beautiful world, sent her to Italy. Traveling at such a young age made her feel significant ‘cut off’ from her comfort zone, with no internet whatsoever. But this pushed her to step out of that small, pampered world she had in Austria. And just as early as she was about to discover her teenage self, she already had to figure herself out of the cultural overwhelm and language disconnect. Still, all of these helped shape her identity.

Jutta shares how she would keep her thoughts to herself and wander like a scared little girl in the middle of a beautiful country. But she knew why her parents sent her ‘out into the world’: to train her to break the bubble of her reality. Something she now practices masterfully in meditation and yoga: being present and ever-expanding inwardly.

In this episode, Jutta and I will take you to the exploration and adventure that Jutta did in her younger years. It was not all magic– she recalls how traveling alone can be so scary and lonely. But everything figured out to be the more essential and treasurable inward journey that led her to the current lifestyle that she has.

Her strange encounter in Spain and her stay in the US, led her to discover the beauty of Yoga and Ayurveda. Those miles and miles of travels brought her closer inch by inch to a deeper understanding of herself. Every stop in this journey, she shares, revealed reflections of herself that she picked up, and brought to where she is right now.

To Jutta, when you travel or live in a foreign land, you have this borderless feeling. And now, more people are choosing to isolate all at once. But they are missing the chance and experience. It’s one thing to have experienced that outer travel, but it’s also another to live in solitary by choice to sail on the inner journey. And Jutta proves you can do both!


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Podcast Highlights

  • Solitary practice makes me tap into my potentiality more. It helps me find talents and strengths I didn’t know I have– strengths I can put in my business and endeavors for my community. Sometimes you can’t detect this when you are flooded with information from the outside. But it brings you to reconnect with nature and all the life forces around us. – Jutta Patis
  • Some people travel purposely for self-discovery and realization. Some to escape. It’s for everybody to discover. But I think it’s always about escaping to find what you haven’t found yet. – Jutta Patis
  • We have the freedom to choose who we are, which we can do freely for a moment. But when we choose to be completely different because we move to a new society, it can be daunting without an inner guideline or format. – Alexandra Kreis
  • Whatever comes along your way, you have to open your eyes for opportunities. Sometimes we overthink things when we want to do something huge for the world. But opportunities may just be standing there in front of you. – Jutta Patis
  • Don’t overthink and let go of the attachments. Choose a practice that will help you evolve and expand. Even when you don’t have the chance to travel, you can expand and see the world from an angle you haven’t seen before. – Jutta Patis


Guest BIO: 

Jutta Patis was born and raised in Austria near Vienna. She is a former consultant for businesses but not the owner of two companies in Berlin and Potsdam. She lives in Potsdam with her family and her four dogs. Jutta loves writing and is a Yoga and Ayurveda, lifestyle junkie.


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